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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by MatthewF, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. MatthewF

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    Hello new guy from Fot Lauderdale, Retired and getting in as much time on the Bike as I can. (2008 FLHX) Love it
    Have not worked for the last two years and started doing the repair work on the bike.
    I cut the power wire for the fuel pressure pump, was a matter of min. before I discovered I had no power to the pump. I repaired the wire with a butt connector, the contacts make a click when I turn the the start switch and no pump, is there something I can do to correct this problem with out pulling the pump???????

    Maybe I should cut grass rather than bike repair
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Expert Member

    Welcome to the forum and your first post. I would re do the wires, first I would check to see if you have power in the wires to the pump, check for power to all fuses and relays, Why again did you cut the wires?
  3. MatthewF

    MatthewF New Member

    I have put all back to original conddition, and all fuses are good. I do get a small click when I hit the starter. Cut the wire looking for a power sorce.
  4. bc45

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    I am a little confused with you post, Are you saying that You hit the starter button and you just get a click and it wont turn over?

    When you turn ignition switch on then push the kill button to on you should hear the pump run, Do you hear the pump run for a couple of seconds, Do you hear it run?

    Jack suggested to check fuses and relays did you test with volt meter or test light or just look at them?

    what is your batt voltage with ignition switch is in the on possition?