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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by gww303, May 29, 2010.

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    Bought my 09 Ultra April 19th,traded in an 88 Goldwing hat I had for 5yrs and never had an issue.Had a flat the second day I had the Harley and since then its been in the shop for a phantom vibration twice and is still there now going on two weeks.Was told if I put the sage 1 on it would fix the problem.$1400 dollars later still not fixed and still in the shop.Getting really frustrated!!! :(
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    Welcome to the forum gww303, sounds like you need a new shop that can do something be sides take your money and give Harleys a bad rep.

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    Gww303, as Chop says, I think a new HD dealer/servicer is in order. One would think that the HD Dealer who sold you the bike would be more proactive, especially in these hard times. You have a good touring bike to be sure, and honestly one that should stir the soul not the teeth rattling you seem to be having. A good HD dealer/servicer would be one that is prompt and courteous, willing to listen while making it right. Could be something very simple...and should not take days to find!
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    I sure don't think a Stage 1 is going to fix any vibration problem. Forget that.
    I would also see if I could get a ride on a similar bike as yours to compare the two. Coming from a metric bike, I think you will always feel vibration by comparison.
    Lets face it. Metric bikes run like sewing machines.

    You may be chasing a ghost.
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    Yeah they thought that maybe since the bike came from California to Texas it was an engine mapping issue.Didnt really mind the Stage 1 and exhaust because I was going to do that eventually anyway.Did go back and ride a 2010 and also one of the other Ultras that came in with mine,no vibration.They are going to call Harley's tech dept but of course they're closed until Tuesday for the holiday.
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    No warranty left? If I can't fix it myself, I take to my local HD mechanic . Ask around town the word always gets out on who will treat you fairly,and does good work. I had too many bad experiences with my local dealer when it came to service.
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    Since you did ride & drive another bike and there was no vibration that does eliminate the natural metric smoothness from the mix.
    Before I can say if mapping won't you, I need to know what RPM ranges and load ranges this vibration really comes into play. If this vibration is above the 1800 RPM area, I would say mapping is not going to help you.

    As long as you are not calling a "surge" "misfire" or "wheel balance" a Vibration, I can not see how A/F ratio or spark advance mapping will help you.
    I take it that the vibration IS present with the bike in neutral as well as on the road.

    I would be looking more at engine mounts or a scissored crank shaft.
    Give it another day. Other members with more experience than myself will have more to add.
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    On this forum we ride with you, to help each rider. We have some excellent minds here WELCOME.....gww303......;';';
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    Have they done the Dunlop tire recall on your bike? Could be a longshot, but worth a check...
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    Don't know about you but I fail to see how a stage 1 would fix a vibration problem and I would be asking for a partial or full refund for money that was spent in error. They should never have told you this to begin with and instead checked the mounts and the crank runout instead.

    IF they ever fix the bike, I would find another dealer that is an honest one. There's SOOOOOO many dealers that don't know what they are doing that it's sickening!