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    I have a 2011 street glide. Bike rides great (bought used at 8300 miles ) As far as i know it has the original tires front and rear. At about 10 g i switched out the rear tire, was getting thin in the skin. Put the proper tire back on it. But since i did this, i have noticed at about 30 - 40 mph I get a light wiggle in the front end, If i let go one hand it gets worse but not that cant be controlled. If I let go both it is a pretty good wiggle. (no i dont make it a habit letting go, was checking the wiggle extreme) front tire now has 13000 on it, tread is pretty good but getting down there, could make it thru the season. My question is does anyone have this problem ? Or does anyone know why it is there ? I have had the bike up to 100 mph and handles great it is that sweet spot 30 - 40 mph that it gets the wiggle. Tire out of bal ? Thx
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    Have you checked the alignment of the newly installed rear tire?

    If the alignment is off, it can make the whole bike ride odd.

    But it could also be the weights aren't in the right spot or one fell off making it out of balance, but I don't think it would give a wiggle. Never had a out of balance tire on a bike, had them on cars and trucks before.

    Worst case scenario you've got a bad belt in the tire.
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    The front tire tends to cup as it wears. If it has ever been run for an extended period under inflated the wear pattern is accelerated. Even slight cupping can cause the symptom you are describing.
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    Any time a tire is worn 50% or more the ride quality usually goes out the window. What you may be experiencing is the different tracking of the front and rear tires do to the extreme differences in tread. Typically you get 2 rear tires to 1 front tire unless you are a aggressive rider.
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    You have replaced the rear tire which is now exposing the affect of the flat center of the front tire. Replace the front tire and I am pretty sure the problem will go away.

    Of course, as has been suggested, you should double check the alignment of the newly installed rear tire in the swing arm. Remember, you are riding a motorcycle with a "hinge" in the middle.:bigsmiley11: