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    I dented my front fork cover (beer Can) so I just went ahead and pulled off the front forks and replaced the cans and the lower forks with a Chrome set. It went ok but riding now it seems like my handlebars are slightly turned to the right. Is this even possible? I cannot see what we did that would cause this. I donot see anything in my repair manual that deals with this duing the install. Thanks for the help as always
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    Try this : Re-Installing The Front Axle

    This question seems to come up quite a bit on various motorcycle forums: "Do I tighten the pinch bolt and then the axle bolt or the other way around?"

    The simple answer is, axle bolt first and then the pinch bolt. This will ensure the axle has been pulled all the way through both forks before being locked down on the right side.

    The CORRECT way which takes just a few more minutes is as follows:

    To ensure your fork tubes travel up and down smoothly without one being slightly out of line with the other, tighten the large axle nut to the manufacturers spec but leave the clamp bolt loose.

    With the wheel butted against something solid (wall, garage door, cabinet...) repeatedly pump the front end up and down as far and fast as you can both pushing and lifting on the handlebar at least half a dozen times. DO NOT use the front brake because the calipers clamping on the disks might prevent the legs from centering themselves. This procedure will align the fork tubes for the smoothest possible operation.

    When you're finished with the above tighten the pinch bolt to specs and go ride with your forks riding exactly parallel to each other, possibly for the first time ever.
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    According to my local HD dealer, the hadlebars on the softails are on a rubber mount and can be aligned like a bicycle by chocking the front wheel and turning the bars to center. I had an alignment problem when I bought my bike but let the dealer staighten it out.
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    Thanks guys