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    Hello all.
    I have just finished fitting a fat Bob rear fender to my 1200 R . It fits well ,lots of room for the tire and tire travel. My daughter is doing the wleding now . This is a project for us both . so far we love the look. It's beginning to resemble an older touring FL. We are putting on solo bags just ahead of the shocks. I'm wondering what we can mount on the front that will compliment the rear and the Sporty as a whole. We love the Sportys and see no need to go bigger when we can modify parts to fit. I will post a picture when the bike is completed. We sectioned the front of the Sportster rear fender to the new fender. This allows us to fit the ECU ? box under the seat again.

    Any ideas for the front fender?
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    Can't wait to see a pic.
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    When I made a "fatster" out of my wifes xl, I used a ducktail front fender, like J&P #7100180. Kind of retro looking, available at a lot of online places. I didn't like the rivets on the fender, but your daughter could weld the fender brackets in, and cut the rivets out.

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