Front fender running light fell off.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by HogHappy, Jun 19, 2011.

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    My 2009 Electra Glide Classic 's front fender running light fell off. The nuts vibrated off and the only thing holding it on was the connection harness. :(
    So ,good thing we stopped a couple miles after it happened.
    I disconnected it and put it in the tour pack.
    Heres the question. Have to wait till Monday after 10a.m. to call the dealer.
    Think something like this is covered under warranty? The bike is not 2 yrs old yet.?
    Its worth a try . :newsmile036:

    I need the front tire changed out for a upcoming trip,so if taking the tire off to bolt the running light back on is covered under warranty then I would really only get charged for the tire being put on the rim ,since it was taken off to fix the light.
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    Bumper to bumper for 2 years, tho they will probably say you should have checked them, stand your ground and SMILE
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    Well I have had the service done at the "Stealer" so they did the 20,000 mile service and maybe they should have checked them. :swoon

    Kind of (Edit) a guy off when you spend that kind of money o a bike. :newsmile093:

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    Exactly, they say they check all these things but I know they do not I have watched them:s

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    IF not over the two years as it sounds just like my bike, still warranted....

    YES,,, it should be covered.

    I made arrangements for the tire swap-out.. at the same time they replaced a warped front rotor and the light frame-tip.

    charged me 1/2 hour plus the new tire..

    Still too much.. but done.:D.


    Nothing i see in the book about checking light bolts..
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    The same thing happened to my bike today. I and the wife stopped to get a bite to eat and as I walked around to check it out I saw the front marker lite hanging by the wire harness. I unhooked it went in and ate. Later after I got home I put the lite back on with lock washers and loc tite My bike is still under warrenty but did'nt think it was worth the extra time to have the dealership fix it