Front brake sporadic without effect !!!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Ratpack, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. Ratpack

    Ratpack New Member

    Hi all,

    yesterday I stopped at a red light. Air temperatures were very hot.
    I could pull the lever of the handbrake towards the accelerator throttle.
    Even after pumping a few times the same happened. It felt like slowly pressing the fluid though a small hole.
    Rear-wheel brake was ok.

    My bike is a 2009 RK, 9000km, break fluid level is ok, the system was never opened, ABS update was installed, and there are no leaks, service was made at 8500km.

    After green light I carefully started and tested the break - everything ok.
    I speeded up and also ABS worked well.
    I carefully drove home an tested the brake several times - no problems.

    I feel really bad with such an unclear brake.
    What happened ? Has anybody an idea ?

    Best wishes,
  2. HDDon

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    When you were stopped at the light do you mean that the lever kept moving when you squeezed it? Was there any resistance or did it just not have a stopping point? When you tested it after getting moving did it feel firm and have a definite point at which you couldn't squeez it any more?
  3. Safehaven

    Safehaven Active Member

    Get yourself to a dealer and have them fix your problem. Good thing you recognized your problem and took action to drive even more prudent.

    I`d guess fluid level either due to worn pads or a leak, but since you checked that, I`m out of ideas..

    Take care,
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Fluid is bypassing probably a bad master cylinder, Warranty issue:s
  5. Ratpack

    Ratpack New Member

    Yes the lever kept moving. There was only a soft resistance until it touched the bar.
    Soon after the brake had again the normal definite point and I could not bring the lever to the bar even when I squeezed hard.

  6. Joe2007ultra

    Joe2007ultra Active Member

    Hi JS

    I have had this problem since the day I bought my 2010 ultra. Have had it in the shop 3 times and all I get is bleeds and they give it back to me. I would be interested to hear what they find . something is bypassing and from what you explained it sounds just like my problem and I bet there is an issue with the ABS that Harley has not figured out yet. I am constantly checking with them to see if there are any bulitens out on the 2008 to 2010 ABS systems

    Let me know what you come up with

  7. Ratpack

    Ratpack New Member


    my dealer identified the master brake cylinder as responsible.
    He made a low pressure check for 3 days and then he could pull the lever to the bar with low force. The master brake cylinder will be replaced.

    I speculate that there is another problem with ABS-Softrware that is unknown so far, and hence no entry in the failure storage is possible.

    The origin problem occurred without long term pulling just while stopping at a red light and vanished directly after moving the bike. The system status changed rapidly and the behavior of the SW controlled brake as well.

    A little feeling of uncertainty remains - but life is dangerous anyway.

    Many thanks for your hints, and best wishes,
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