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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BigG, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Ok what is the trick for bleeding the front brakes on a FLHRI? I didn't get any air to come out but the lever goes most of the way in before it starts to get pressure.
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    First off, did you install new pads? If you did check the self help section on cleaning your caliper pistons first. Next pump the brakes up good, tie a tie strap around the handle to the grip, leave it over night, pump it up in the morning, I bet you are good to go:s
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    This is a trick an old wrench showed me it takes two people...Remove both bolts holding the caliper to the fork leg...slide the caliper up as if you were going to remove it but stop just before the brake pads clear the top of the rotor...Now bleed the brakes from there...I pump them up and bleed them down couple times..Slide it back down,bolt it up and do the other side. This has always worked for me...While you have them loose is a good time to clean the calipers before you bleed them.
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    Make sure the pistons in the calipers are clean. If not, the piston seals will hang on them, and pull your pads back in too far. You will then have to pump to get them back up against the rotors.

    Rich P