From Missouri. How Prevalent are Biker clubs?

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by TimTheMachinist, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. TimTheMachinist

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    So it got me thinking the other day, having talked to my Cousin about his new ride, and how he's apparently prospecting for a club. Also another reason I'm wondering is my Dad used to be big into a certain club along with many of his buddies who knew me when I was just a baby. Seems like a lot of great people who have been a part of my life at one time or another either are, or have been at one point, involved in a biker club.

    So my question is this. In general how prevalent are biker clubs these days? They don't have to be outlaw clubs, or clubs for a good cause, but just in general are there many still around and how hard is it to find them?

    May be a silly question but I'm just now starting to take interest in riding and this has been a question nagging at me for long before I decided to fix up my ride.

  2. Slo-Ryd

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    Here in the north east they're everywhere. I see rockers and patches often and although i don't belong to a club i have a few friends that do. Some can be considered outlaw clubs and others are just that, motorcycle clubs. Never had a problem with any run ins and there's a certain etiquette even amongst so called "rival" clubs out in the general public. It's not an all out gun blazing war as the media would sometimes have you believe and I see a lot of the more well known 1% clubs around here. You just have to be selective in where you go, what you do, and most important what you say when in their company.
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    Go to your local Harley dealer and talk to them about the local H.O.G. chapter. Many belong and have a really great time.
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    Due to my work the only club I belong to is the hair club for men...:)...We do have a local hog chapter that always seem to have fun things going on...I prefer to ride with my freinds usually on Sundays my day off..If you do have the time Id say give a club a try...
  5. Jeff Klarich

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    There's a difference between a rideing club and being a biker, I'd stay clear of a biker club unless you want to be watched, followed, stopped for any reason possible. In my former life in law enforcement, we keep a very close eye on out law bikers, those who join that type of a group arn't out just for a Sundayt ride. JMO.
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    That's the most epic thing I've heard all week lol. Touche'
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    The term is not "Biker Club." The term is "Motorcycle Club," and there are many varieties. 1% clubs are not so numerous, but they are serious and there is a definite protocol for relating with patch-holders. Respect is the key. Becoming a "patched" member generally requires being sponsored by a member for a year or more, followed by a rather intense "prospect" period.

    Patches for motorcycle clubs are "earned," and members are proud of their membership, regardless of whether they are 1% or not. Non-1% clubs generally require a "prospect" period as well, the intensity of which varies from club to club.

    There are a variety of "Riding Clubs," where requirements are less stringent. In riding clubs, patches can be simply "purchased." In such clubs, the protocol is much less stringent, as are the requirements for membership.

    Entry-level club riding can be obtained by looking into a "Meetup" group in your area. provides a substrate for many "riding" clubs across the country, where membership simply requires "signing up" and having your identity verified.

    Choose well,
    Rich P
  8. TimTheMachinist

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    My mistake. I figured the terms were interchangeable as I've heard them referred to as both. I guess it's kind of like some people hate when someone refers to a magazine as a clip.
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    if you are talking about missouri, there are quit a few clubs around. there's at least 5 1%er clubs local in or around the st.louis area and i won't mention any names. now if you get up towards alton ill. and in st.louis there are many friendly clubs and riding groups that you can go on their rides weekly if you want. i just did this last week with a group that rides on thursday nite and goes out and has a few beers and it was a very good time. many of these clubs have open partys anyone can attend.
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Very good write up by Rib Eye, bottom lone is RESPECT