Freeways and Bumblebees

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    Freeways and bumblebees – add a motorcycle to the mix and interesting things can happen. One summer afternoon in 1971, (in my younger days), living near Pasadena, California, I decided to take a solo bike ride from Pasadena to Azusa, then up the San Gabriel Canyon Road (Hwy 39), a Dead Inn road north up into the San Gabriel Mountains. It was a beautiful mountainous area in which to ride a motorcycle. At that time, Interstate10, approaching from the west, stopped just before reaching Pasadena. That freeway now is referred to as the Foothills Freeway and is numbered 210.

    I was riding my first ‘four cycle’ engined motorcycle – it was a Honda CB350. They were pretty basic little bikes, no windshield, not much of a seat, and drum brakes. But, for me slowly moving my way up to larger displacement bikes, I thought that 350 was great!

    On the way back toward Pasadena, on I-10, riding along about 65mph, I saw ahead what looked like a big butt bug coming directly at me. He and I both tried to miss the other, but at our closing speed – didn’t happen. It was a Bumblebee, I found out later, who collided with my top lip and disintegrated, all except his stinger which was repeatedly using my lip to vent his dying frustration with me for getting in his way.

    Pulled off the freeway, and scraped away as much of him as I could manage. By the time I arrived home my top lip resembled a balloon. It was severe enough I had to go to the doctor. End result, because such a high concentration of venom had been injected, I was placed on prescription antihistamines for about five years following, due to a systemic allergic reaction. I was cautioned not to be around bees, as the next time; even a simple bee sting could possibly cause death, due to an anaphylactic reaction, where victims experience wheezing, difficulty breathing, and a drop in blood pressure that leads to shock if not treated promptly. Statistics indicate around 50 people are killed each year in the U.S. due to severe anaphylactic reactions to bee stings.

    Still, for many years after that, I continued to ride motorcycles without fairings. In the 1980s, I bought my first bike with a windshield – can’t stand to ride without one now, but it was good back then – just wish that Bumblebee and taken another freeway!
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    That reminds me of the time I stopped to get a bee from under my pant leg that was stinging me to pieces. After that successful chase, in less than a mile up the road a low flying bird hit the windshield then proceeded between windshield and mirror and hit me in the side of the face.....
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    I carry Benadryl in my pocket for such things, I used to be hyper allergic to bees when I was young, I also wear a Allergic to Penicillin necklace
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    I have been stung twice in the last 100,000 miles. both bees were caught in the sleeve of My t-shirt and crawled to My stomach to sting.:dknow
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    I met two bees while on my Honda. the first flew into my leather jacket and hid. I drove down the road while trying to beat it to death. The bugs death throes were painful.

    I wore a shorty Buco helmet. The second bee flew into the helmet strap. That bee I did beat to death. I must have looked like I was demented, riding down the road while hitting myself in the side of my head.
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    I got a bee in my open face helmet in 1976 it got the bit of bare skin between the helmet and right eye
    Some things that happen in life I will never forget this happens to be one of them as there was a wee bit of shock and pain involved

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    and the moral of this story is...... Don't ride a Honda!!!!! :p
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    No helmet and a bee hit me near my eye and the bug juice went under my sunglasses and in my eye..That was not nice.:)
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    I just like jack carry benedryl in my saddle bags for just such an occasion. Been thinking about carrying the liquid children's version thinking it may work quicker if I need it
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    As soon as I saw the title I started laughing not about your experience but mine, which happened one very hot summers day on my way to Biloxi. A yeller jacket few right up my shorts and I felt the pain. Good thing there was a bar right past where it happened, jumped off ordered a cold one a put it to my poor thigh, my riding buddy was in stitches.

    I kept in clean this time so I wouldn't be put on vac again.:D