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    I was searching for an inexpensive Sound meter to help with exhaust selection and modification and I came across this download for a free Iphone Sound meter. Unfortunately I do not have an Iphone and could not try it before recommending it so I have no idea if it works. If it does it looks like an inexpensive way to get a Decibel reading on an exhaust.
    I was thinking it would be great to have a database listing for example: Engine=EVO 1340, Exhaust=Cycle Shack turn downs, Decibels at 1000 rpm= ??, Decibels at 3000 rpm= ??? . Meter= Iphone.
    I’m thinking it would be a great reference and might eliminate some trial and error regarding exhausts.

    Free Download
    Digital Sound Meter Free for iPhone - Free Mobile software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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    Thanks for reading - Bob
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    Did it say if it would work on the IPOD touch? My son has one and if it will work on that I would have him download it to that and try it out.