Four Corners (USA) Tour

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    The Southern California Motorcycle Association (SCMA) has put together a FANTASTIC ride/tour where you ride to all four corners of the USA Madawaska, Maine, Key West, Blaine, Washington, and San Ysidros, CA).

    You will be considered a finisher if you do it in 21 days starting at ANY location you would like to start at and you get something really nice at the end upon finishing.

    It is WELL organized and in my experience, they are welcoming in every way no matter what you ride or how many questions you ask them, etc...

    I just did it and LOVE IT!!!

    If you are interested, here are a few sites for you.

    Southern California Motorcycle Association - Home on the Web! <-- SCMA. Click on "Motorcyle Runs". <-- This is SO popular, Madawas, Maine put together a Harley Davidson Park. A really nice looking park. I went by myself but if u go in a group of 5 or more, u can get a Police Escort when you get there.

    I found the ride to be education, relaxing, fun, and a terrific way to see the lay of the land. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

    The ride is so gooooood, many ppl have done it multiple times.