forward~ish footpegs out there...?

Discussion in 'Buell' started by Baggh, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Baggh

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    I'm thinking this may be a stupid question but... does anyone know if there are any forward footpeg kits made for the Buell? No need for the forward controls... just pegs.

    I went for a cruise on my Buell the other day. I know i know... these aren't made for that but... a buddy and I went for about a 5 hour ride and my knees were absolutely killin me about 3~4 hours into it. We stopped every 30 min to take 5 but still... I was soooo wishing I had forward pegs.

    I don't cruise often... use my bike to commute to work and other misc. local rides but... would be nice to know if a cruise notion came up that I felt comfortable going.

    hmmm... if there aren't any forward pegs i may have to look at going to the Nightster, Dyna route in a couple years...?
  2. Terry Jackson

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    I've got 2 sporsters and have been thinking about trading in one on a Buell. What has stopped me so far is the foot pegs being so far back. The answer to your question may help my decision on whether to get Buell or not.
  3. STEVE07

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    Go to a Honda dealer they have peg kits that clamp to the frane and can be adjusted for different length and angle. Just don't tell them its for a Harley:D
  4. Baggh

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    Hey Terry... if you have 2 Sportys then trading 1 of them in on a Buell would be great... sicne you'd still have the one Sporty... win win situation :)

    I love my Buelle... I really do. It looks fantastic, is very unique, the power is amazing... you think it, you're there... unreal power. I have always had a semi... hmmm... fear I guess of the sportbikes cause you always hear how dangerous they are. Well... I sincerely feel MUCH safer on this Buell than I did on my Sporty or any other bike. The handling\responsiveness is incredible... the acceleration is instant. Think I can go 0~60 in like 3 seconds. The Buell is indeed a VERY exciting bike... and turns heads wherever it goes. I constantly find people checking it out in the parking garage when I go down to take 5 during work.

    But yes... its downfall would be that it certainly isn't a cruiser. As I said.. I do not cruise much but I like to know that I can if I want to. Of course the comfortability is unique per individual... I am 5'7"... 170 lbs.

    Steve... thanks for the tip... I need to check them out!
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    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Baggh, long time no hear...just some ideas, 1) is there any solid tubing or casting available that is in the vicinity (not directly connected to frame which carries fluids), where you would like to mount the footpegs? 2) is there an area where riders install aftermarket "sliders" (not that you would ever go down the road "sideways"), just a place which is solid, but will not damage anything if the pegs were mounted there...
  6. rancid

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    try fitting ulysses pegs which r sort of like fxcw pegs in they drop down off the mounts bout half to 9/16th of an inch, the ulysses pegs arent very attractive cos they duel sport n rubber covered but i know u can get pegs of the same shape with no rubber just a slotted alloy finish, aske your hd dealer.
  7. jblausey

    jblausey New Member

    There are forward pegs for the X/XT.
    there are also pegs with a 2" drop