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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by baldharleyrider, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Thinking about adding chrome lower fork covers. Do any of you have any experience on installing these. The bike is at dealers waiting to be fixed after garage fire but thought i could save a little money putting them on myself. I am not the most mechanical but I am not totally ignorant either
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    I did mine on my '04 RK about 3wks ago with help from a buddy that has done a few before...He has a nice table lift...(a big plus)...he also had the fork oil seal installer tool and the metric tool for the fork cap bolts,and the fork oil level gauge.I'm sure you can do the job with out these specific tools but it did make it easier.It took about 3hrs total....about 1hr of that is getting the nacelle headlight assembly and driving lights off and back on.We did one side @ a time,never did remove the front fender.All in all I was surprised just how much was involved and was really grateful for my friends help.Make sure you have a service manual,give yourself plenty of time.When you purchase your fork seals,also get two new 6mm screws that go into the bottom of each fork(a good parts person will bring them out with the seals)mark the wire connections you unhook inside the nacelle and go with the screamin eagle fork oil,it's a little heavier oil but greatly improves the ride....good luck
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    Just finished a 07 Road Glide with real low miles and used the same seals back and used the vacuume method I read about on here and everything went perfect best part was the fluid went in from the bottom and didnt have to pull the faring or the fork caps on top. Saved me some work since I have a lot to do on this bike. Also changed to a 21" on front with new chrome rotors and chrome brake calipers. Used a Hog Pro wheel and metzler tire now got another one on order for the back. New paint and lots of chrome going on too. Nice paint job by Bad Ass Paints out of California, will try to post pics when I get finished but the bike is not mine I'm just doing the wrenching on it for him and spending his money. Sure is a pleasure though. Slider job is not a real hard job though it was my first and went real good. Lots of luck, follow the manual and take your time I'm sure you'll be fine.
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    I did mine last year. Although I am not very mechanically inclined, I am enjoying working on the bike myself. The self help section gave me the information to do it myself and it wasn't bad at all.