Fork oil question - 04 Super Glide

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by YoDA, Dec 20, 2010.

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    I'm replacing the oil on a 04 Super Glide but I don't have a service manual. Does anyone know what the fork oil level is supposed to be from the top of the fork tube?? Thanks.
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    I have a '91. The manual calls for 9.2 oz wet, 10.2 oz. dry in both sides. Does not specify air gap. I will see if I can find a more recent Dyna manual and see if that specifies an air gap. See attached from '03 Dyna Manual.

    If you haven't started yet, one approach is to measure the amount of oil you get out of each side (separately). Then put that amount back in. Once you have done that, measure the air gap and adjust the lowest one so that they are even (within 1/8"). After that, adjust the "feel" of the front end by adding or removing fluid from both sides in 1/4" increments. When doing all this, the bike should be completely upright on level ground.


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    I have an '02 Dyna Service Manual, and it calls for 12 oz (if left in the frame) of Type E Fork Oil for the FXDWG. Not sure if its the same for the '04, but thought I'd mention it. You can get an ebook version of your specific service manual on the internet for cheap. I bought a new owner's manual for mine on ebay for about $13 shipped.

    I used a cooking measuring cylinder when adding mine. It had a static measuring feature so that it was pin point accurate to have the same amount in each leg. I also used Type B Fork Oil by accident, but it worked out pretty well and I actually like the ride better.