For Sale: 2008 Road King Police FLHP *Great Condition *Low Mileage

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    This bike was owned by an automotive professional with 50 years in the industry. He was a bike
    owner for more than 55 years. It belonged to my father and he recently passed away. He owned a small collection of bikes and this one has a whopping 4,066 "broke in" miles on it. It had 1,777 miles on it when he bought it. He purchased it in 2009 from Four Rivers Harley-Davidson.

    From what I've read, in 2008 the Road King was considered KING of the bagger touring bikes. The only real criticism I found, some felt it was a little lacking in pep. The first thing dad did was beef it up. He purchased an engine performance kit that he had Four Rivers HD install. I don't know whether it was a screaming eagle kit or not. Dad was very knowledgeable, I have no doubt that he chose wisely and did it right.

    This is a mechanically sound strong running bike that sounds great and looks good. It's been well kept and maintained. 4,066 miles is almost unheard of on a used 2008. Before spending $18,000.00 plus upgrades on brand new, this bike is worth a second thought. If you're in SW Florida and currently considering a "new to you" used bagger touring bike, it's a "must see and hear."

    * 2008 Road King FLHP Police.
    * 4,066 Miles.
    * Birch White.
    * 100th Anniversary Emblem On Front Fender: For one hundred years, Harley-Davidson police motorcycles have put in milllions of miles serving law enforcement agencies around the world.
    *V2 Four Stroke 103 Cubic Inch Engine
    * Six speed cruise drive transmission.
    * Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection.
    * Larger 6 gallon gas tank.
    * ABS Brembro brakes for improved brake performance.
    * Engine Performance Upgrades.
    * Solo seat installed.
    * Comes with additional optional touring seat with grab straps and installation instructions.
    * Kuryakyn custom chrome hand grips.
    * Vance Hines custom chrome air intake.
    * Vance Hines custom chrome oval exhaust pipes with black end cap.
    * Owners manual and Harley Owners Group- H.O.G. patch.
    * Battery trickle charger.
    *SW Florida
    ** Clean title- ready to go. $12,800.00 cash.

    garside9x.jpg gauge.jpg
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    Wish you all the best. You may want to research your asking price if wishing to sell bike quickly......
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    Hi dbmg and thanks for your input. Can I ask, how far off you think I am?
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    Like most I know, I don't use kbb, I've only ever used NADA. But, I'm pratically an antique, have things changed?
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    Its all in what you want. I have tried to trade my 2008 FLHT which is a standard Electra Glide and the best I can do is about $7,500.00 So I keep on riding it. Just talking to a Harley guy Friday who sells the new Indians and he stated that the trade in value of Harleys of late are pretty bad considering what most guys think that their bike is worth......
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    My bad.. just noticed you included both kelly & nada.

    I suppose time will tell if Florida is the same as your neck of the woods. Where I'm at they pretty much ride um year round.
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    Yeah you have to be realistic.I just traded my 2013 FLHR in it has abs,alarm,cruise cont.Red in color it listed about 20 grand.wholesale was like 12,500. For miles it had just turned 11,000 mi.I have noticed over the last few years touring bikes are softer than dynas or softys.But it figures because that's what they sell the most of.
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    Unfortunately, here in Florida with its year round riding and plentiful bikes for sale, you may not get what your are asking. The bikes I see in my area, near the Cape, tend to sit for quite a while before they sell. My neighbor has a 2009 FLHTCU he's been trying to sell for over 6 months. He's lowered the price 3 times. Lots of lookers, but no serious offers
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    Thanks @ jamesearl @SledDog for inputs. Can we start a poll and ask members for their input, what they think I should price it at?