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    During hard times we all have to multi-task.. CLICK HERE.
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    I would love to hear Dr.Doolittle's Take on this? :D

    That is a cool photo, glad I was not on that plane.
    There is a photo out there of Dale Earnhardt Sr. doing that during a yellow flag years ago when he was driving for Wrangler, asked his pit guys to come in and clean his window, they said nope and he un-buckled himself and hung out the window and cleaned it himself on the front streatch under caution! True Story
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    Well, here's my reply to that - been there, done that! Windshield wipers on these multi million dollar machines do a marginal job and there's no cleaning fluid to spray on so when you're away from the gate, this is your only option to remove bird poop or bug guts!

    Like I posted in a separate thread - it's a glamorous job!
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    My question...Who's got the wheel?
    You can see the engines are turning? Not sure how the brakes work on this thing but do they have the "parking" brake engaged?
    You would think the nice guys down on the tarmac would roll the ladder over after checking the oil and clean the windows up for you guys.
    I hate a dirty windshield!
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    Where I work we faught to get rid of the responsability of "Bug Jobs" "BJ's" I work in maintenance and we would have one guy just running around doing BJ's all day (a waste of a mechanic). It now falls on operations and is usually done at the gate when requested by the crew. I will say it was fun yelling over the radio with mechanics in a/c around passengers (The crew on 905 wants a BJ).

    The crew in the picture just took it upon thems selves to give themselves a BJ and yes they would have the parking brake set.
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    We had a flight crew come in a few years ago from Anchorage,that called for maintenance to come upstairs for a debrief.When I got up there the captain was complaining about the cockpit door not unlocking.It seems the first officer went to the john,then the captain stepped out(a big no-no when one pilot is already out of his seat) to refill his coffee cup & the door shut behind him & locked them out.As I tried to hold back the laughs,he asked me if that was something he should write up in the logbook.I wanted soooo bad to say "sure".But I just couldn't.:lolrolling All I said was "think about that for a second".
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    You wouldn't find me leaning out of the King Air 350 to clean the windscreen, even if our windows did open enough. I'll tip the line guys, they work for poor pay anyway.