foam tyre filling

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by gunnut, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. gunnut

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    Anybody tell me if haveing this stuff in my tubed tyres( spoked wheels)is worth the expense,or will it make any difference to the difficulty when I need to change tyres(thereby increaseing the expense of same)
    Basically I guess I'm asking about all the pros and cons,because I know nothing other than bits and pieces and these mostly from solid wheeled (tubeless) riders,and of course,the "honest opinion" of the guy selling the stuff.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    I've heard of beads in tubeless tires but I'm not familiar with what you're asking about.

    Hope someone else can help.
  3. kemo

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    Is the foam an industrial foam that they use in off road equipment and lift trucks, or is it slime or similar product. I would think that if they used an industrial foam that would cause problems when removing the tire cause I think that you would have to cut the tire off because you could not collapse the bead and you couldn't get the tube out. I have used Slime in a tubed tire, but will not use it in a tubeless because of the mess and a lot of tire shops wouldn't touch these tires.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Most of the tire sealers in a can are a waste of time and money IMO and make tire repairs messy and in some cases dangerous. Some of this stuff is highly flammable and can destroy the inside of a tire or tube, Be careful:s I have had a hard time repairing customers tires with alot of this junk in them some times the glue will not even stick just my personal experiences here
  5. stikman

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    Not worth the time or mess, when buying tires look for run flats, went 20 miles with the old lady on the back and pulling a trailer and made it to a shop for a change Michelin and Bridgestone make some.