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    At the end of August, I have 4 days of training in Phoenix, for work. The little lady and I decided that she would go with me and we would leave a few days early and do a fly and ride for a couple of days. Looking for suggestions on which roads to travel and which ones not. Right now, it looks like we'll be going up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and maybe up to Page to Antelope Canyon. Anybody got any other suggestions?

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    Don't miss historical Prescot.
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    I was out that way a few years ago [in a car though]. I think it's on the So. rim of the canyon but there is a clear walkout ledge where you can see down into the canyon. I believe it's on an Indian reservation. And if I remember right it's on a gravel road and it's several miles long or longer. But it was very cool.
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    Was trying to find where I planned out our ride out of Phoenix last year and looked at the link from Tank... what they have as the Roosevelt Day ride is pretty much what we did:

    Roosevelt Lake Day Ride

    I ened up riding closer to 325 /350 miles if I remember correctly, but at Jakes Corner they were "out of gas" so we back-tracked to 87 and rode over to Payson to get gas and then re-traced to Jakes Corner. I think it was in Globe that we also took 60 twords Salt River Canyon to ride the switchbacks (by this time it was getting late, so we turned around before we made it to the Canyon - but even that part of the ride was great).

    Personally, while I'm not overly fond of the desert (get to points where everything is the same color and a bit drab - but my wife just loves it), this ride had a bit of everything and was excellent (even the diversions we made)... in fact looking to do it again later this year, but either leaving earlier or making it a 2 day ride and actually make it to the Canyon (me wanting to complete what I started to do, the rest of the ride is well worth it on its own). Would recommend the ride to the observation center at Roosevelt as well - but that's just one part of an overall great ride.

    Not sure if you've setup the rental yet or not, we went through Chesters HD and thought they were a top notch group... everything was ready when we showed up, they were extremely friendly, and the bike was in great shape.

    Enjoy your ride!!!