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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by softtail, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. softtail

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    anyone had problems with the flush mount fuel gauge. mine worked fine last year and this year after winter i have various lights that dont light up at times and times they all do and at times the gas symbol does even light up on it. any ideas
  2. islanddawg

    islanddawg New Member

    Absolutely and almost the same scenario; quit working after a year. Harley refused to replace it since it has been way over the 90 day warranty period so you are probably out of luck as well. Based on other negative reports I've seen on the web, I refuse to pay HD prices for a replacement. If I can find out who manufactures the part, I might consider buying a new one if the price is reasonable. Otherwise, I'll just continue to use my odometer.
  3. biscuit

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    Thanks for that,guys.i was just about to buy one;having read these comments i think i'll pass.Especially since my digital oil gauge only works sporadically(at least that's covered for 2 years under the new bike warranty)
  4. madbomberi69

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    I have the blue led flush mount fuel gauge (slightly over a year old now, was installed before I picked up the bike in July 07) on my 07 Night Train, and it's acting funky now, with leds that cut in/out or just light when they want. Had issues with the led dipstick also but at least my local dealer warrantied that...the replacement gauge is too expensive. I will probably end up using my odometer to monitor fuel usage unless I can find a cheaper way to replace the gauge.
  5. wildspirit97

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    with around 10,000 members I see 3 that have spoken up about a problem. Not too bad in my book. I like the looks of 'em and might still get a set. I know a guy who has the flush mount on his '07 FXSTC that he bought in Sept. of '06 and his is still working fine. Anyone else out there without a problem? Or out of 10,000 riders do only 3 of us have 'em?:p
  6. WHM1

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    Mine worked GREAT for the first 6 months. After filling up I get 5 or 6 of the lights instead of 7. The gas symbol in the center does not work at all!
  7. wildspirit97

    wildspirit97 Senior Member

    Isn't there a flush mount cap made kuryakyn and one made by Harley. If so witch ones are people have problems with?
  8. glider

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    I'll bet the HD one.:s
  9. wildspirit97

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    I've heard of a few problems with the kuryakyn L.E.D. products, the brake light in particular, is why I ask. Buy I don't remember if I saw the HD fuel caps, or just saw kuryakyn fuel caps at the HD Store.:dknow
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Wildspirit, there was another post that had 4 or five others who weighed in with problems (one had the Naval or Marine Medallion, others were the flush "Skull" (yeah minus the mandible) and three with the "Flush" version. Hobbit likes the one he has, can't remember which bike, but has weathered British rain and fog just fine. :newsmile058:

    Don't know if this helps, but one side note...if something goes wrong within the 1 year warranty period, get it replaced quick or become a statistic among the unhappy users. :newsmile038:

    I for one like "analog" guages, since they are simple in design and use reliable "old school" technology, whose accuracy is dependent only on the float/rheostat sender in the tank which is fairly easy to calibrate (usually bending a tang or the like (similar to the float in a carb). IMHO! :D