Florida Highway Patrol can't use hand held cell phones

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  1. Grillfish

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    Just saw this news today. I think this is a good move and should consider banning all hand held devices (my in-laws were seriously injured 2 yrs ago by a lady texting as they were at a stop sign on their GW).

    Last week, I saw a Volusia County motorcycle officer with a cell phone in his left hand up to his ear riding down the road.

    Ride safe (watch out for others!) and have fun.

    TALLAHASEE, Fla. -- Florida Highway Patrol troopers are no longer allowed to use handheld cell phones while driving.

    The new policy went into effect for the state's 1,650 troopers on Monday.

    Authorities say the aim of the initiative is to keep roads safe and use officers as an example. In Florida, there is no law against holding a cell phone while talking and driving.

    Troopers can talk on their cell phones with a handsfree device.

    At least two other Florida law enforcement agencies are considering similar bans.

    Read more: Troopers barred from driving using handheld phones - Florida AP - MiamiHerald.com
  2. HDDon

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    This should be nation wide and apply to all drivers!!
  3. sprinklerfitter669

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    i agree !!!
  4. Charlies Harley

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    Thats the law up here in British Columbia Canada but still see lots of it, not inforced strict enough in my opinion
  5. Billbo

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    I have NEVER understood this "texting" craze. I simply think it's stupid. Just dial the phone number and talk! It will be difficult to 'text' while using a hands free device - :p

    Now, I agree, no driver should be using a hand held cell phone while driving. Hands free or bluetooth ear bug maybe.

  6. 01dynaglide

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    I agree as well!
  7. fin_676

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    Here in the UK using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving was banned a few years ago a fine and points on the driving licence if you get caught
    However some people just ignore the ban

  8. billyd1

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    I'm scared into submission on a daily basis here in the WV,Va,MD,Pa. four state area! It's the worst time for distracted/oblivious driving in my 34 years of driving! I believe each accident should include as part of the investigation a cell phone check of some kind to determine if that was a factor and use "heavy discouragement consequences":D
  9. dbmg

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    This should become a federal law. Which will help. If the legislators really want to curb cell phone, texting while driving they would enact additional driver negligence charges,IE. vehicular manslaughter imposed if death occurs and found accident occurred due to phone. Secondly the insurance company needs to work with legislators and impose stiffer cost to negligent driver not just their deductible in the accident. Like say personal responsibility would 50% of cost to correct damage caused in accident. This would make drivers more responsible due to less distraction and more out of pocket expense if deemed responsible for accident. This subject really upsets me for alot of innocent people are getting hurt and worse from irresponsible drivers.
    Sorry for the long rant.
  10. fisherman124

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    no one needs to be on a phone while drivind period