Florida Gun Laws for Motorcyclists

Discussion in 'South East' started by HDOT, Mar 30, 2014.

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    Question. What are the Florida laws concerning conceal carrying a weapon and riding a motorcycle? Can it be on my person? Or does it have to be in a bag / back pack? I DO have my CCL. Has anyone experienced any encounter with the law? Or if you are LEO. Please share.
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    I'd call the local PD if I were you. You might get some inaccurate info here and find out the hard way that what you were told on the internet is not actually what the law states, and then you're in a heap o' trouble.
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    You're absolutely correct concerning the accurate law. But I was wanting to hear anyone's experiences or stories to share with us
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    I'm from Florida, I carry, but I'm not a lawyer. Having said that, I have a question... Did you take a training class as required to get your permit or did you have "other" training? The permit law also requires that you certify you have read the Florida statutes on concealed carry.:bigsmiley21:

    If you have a permit, concealed carry on a bike is fine. It's better then having it in a saddlebag, or in some "Rube Goldburg" floorboard weapon storage container.

    If you have questions I suggest you take the class again. Or get the Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership book by Jon Gutmacher. You can also go here Handgunlaw.us This site has a page for every state. Check it out.

    Law enforcement may or may not give you the correct answer. They may give you their version of a correct answer. You would be surprised how many LEO have the wrong info. In Florida there is no requirement to inform a LEO if you are conceal carrying. There have been cases of LEO taking weapons and detaining a person legally carrying.

    Check out this http://thelibertarianrepublic.com/c...r-facing-federal-lawsuit-video/#axzz2xaP9QhYI

    So who would I ask? My friendly neighborhood certified CCW instructor.
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    This book was recommended to me by my cc instructor as well, I believe it is updated every year because the laws change pretty much every year. VERY VERY highly recommend this book to anyone who carries a weapon in Florida. There are many cases where you may think you have the law on your side when you DON'T! That being said,

    "Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6".