Floorboard Compartments

Discussion in 'Gun Locker' started by Nikko684, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Nikko684

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    What do you guys think of this? I would definitely buy them if I had a touring bike for sure!

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  2. HDDon

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    It's just my opinion but I can't see why anyone would want these. First they are right down there with the road dirt and rain. Second in the time it would take to get at your weapon the fight would be over. I guess my real question is Why?
  3. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Expert Member Contributor

    Novelty is my guess, I agree they look cool but like Don says after the dirt and rain gets in what have you got? I guess I would have to see what kind of seal they have before I would buy them JMO
  4. Lawdog314

    Lawdog314 Active Member

    My opinion? Silly. Totally impractical when it comes to self defense and I can tell you from a Law Enforcement point of view, I'm big time, shall we say, curious when I discover it. Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% for concealed and open carry IF a person is legal and trained. Honestly, an armed citizen who informs me they are carrying, does not bother me a bit. Strangely as it may sound, I'm more comfortable with someone that tells me they have a weapon, than one I "discover" after the fact.

    What that floorboard thing is is a hide. Maybe legal, but if we find it, every red flag under the sun is up. First thing that comes to mind, where's the dope? Sorry, just MY opinion but if all you intend to do is carry your legal weapon, it's childish. Prior posts pointed out how impractical it is. My weapon, I NEVER leave home without it. If you can carry, you shouldn't either. Just use your brain about it...

    Be safe,

    P.S. Nikko, I ain't dumping on you brother. Just offering my opinion and saying, it might not be worth it in that it opens a can of worms nobody needs. No hard feelings I hope.
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  5. Breeze3at

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    Those floorboard compartments would be awesome ............. on a show bike that sat 1" off the ground, with a 'gangsta 26" front wheel and 36" apes.
  6. Bodeen

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    :bigsmiley20: Now thats funny!
  7. Nikko684

    Nikko684 Active Member

    Lawdog, no hard feelings taken. Look, I'm an officer myself, albeit Military Police. I can agree with you on many points. However, comma, I do think this is a good idea. IF, and only IF, the person using it has a state approved CCW and is properly trained. I am somewhat of a gun buff and a 2A advocate. I can understand where the skepticism comes from the law enforcement point of view. I saw this on facebook and honestly I got excited.
    As for the dirt and grime getting to it, several points:
    ONE: I believe this is a sealed compartment, allowing it to stay nice and dry.
    TWO: it's really not that far to reach, and someone who would own this, likely already has a small gun within arms reach.
    THREE: Should the need to use it arise, It's not going to take long to hit a button and lift the door.

    I don't know, Maybe because I am Military, but I think this is a great thing to have. Would make a nice Christmas gift. But that's my thoughts.
  8. SledDog

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    I'm not trying to dump on you either, but it's this type of thing that causes more issue then it solves. If you need to carry a concealed weapon, keep it on your body. You need to transport a weapon, put it in your saddlebag, and be sure you are transporting it according to state laws.

    1. So will my concealed carry firearm. The one that's on my person.

    2. Yes it is. Think of you standing 3 feet from it, or on the other side of the bike. Why would I worry about reaching this, when I have a small gun on me. Actually, why carry a small gun (guess you are talking about a pocket pistol) and go to reach for a larger one?

    3. If the need arises, the time is now. Not 5 seconds, or longer, from now. You can die many, many times in 5 seconds. If you're diving for a weapon in a floorboard, the fights over. Think this scenario. You are getting bike jacked. What's the guy gonna have you do? More than likely he's gonna have a weapon in his hand and he's telling to back away. You lung forward to drop down, press the button on your floorboard to access the weapon and then bring it bear. In the mean time he's shot you multiple times and now riding away. Can you imagine trying to access it at a stoplight?

    I shoot many different types of competitions. Everything from 3 gun to IDPA. I also teach defensive shooting tactics. All of those tactics are based on easily accessing a weapon. Unless you are standing over it when you need it, it's more than likely, when you go to access it, it will be taken away from you. You will have to, at the least, look down to access it. And probably bend down.

    Doing any of these takes your eye off the attacker. If it was me attacking you and you went for a weapon conceal in a floorboard, I would be on you when you looked down. Then two quick strikes to the head, I take your weapon, two more quick strikes to your head with the weapon I just took, then tap, rack, bang.

    Can you imagine what could happen if you were in an accident with a weapon in the floorboard? While, in theory, a weapon should not go off when dropped, there's no telling what could happen if it was subjected to a bike accident. Try defending your storage option if it accidentally discharged and, god forbid, hits someone.

    Again, I'm not dumping on you. Just playing devil's advocate.:devil
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  9. 67wizard

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    I first seen these at the bike fest in Las Vegas Nv. I think they were made at the prison out side of Vegas. They were at the display from the prison along with some of the bike they make out their.
  10. Nikko684

    Nikko684 Active Member

    You make some really good points. and yes, you are correct. It is a bad position to have a concealed weapon. It did look good at first but more and more points being made have changed my mind. I still think it's cool, but convenience/compatability outweigh the cool factor.