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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bikerfun1, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. bikerfun1

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    I am about to buy an 07 FLHTPI and the right side saddle bag has a big intrusion in it to cover an air compressor. Is that air compressor neccessary? It has a FLHX seat on it.
    If not how do I go about removing it? part 2 - do Regular FLHX, FLHTC,or...hard bags or hard bag civilian lids fit? The objective is to get rid of the compressor if it's not needed and make the bags normal which = a little bit more cargo space and no buttons on top of the lids.
    I test rode this bike yesterday and noticed a minor vibration in the front end. Are there any known gotchas with the FLHTPI 103" bike?
    Thanks to anyone that can help.
  2. FLHXTom29715

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    First welcome to the forum! I think the air tank is for the seat only and you should be able to take it out, my friend has an 05 and had the same set up. As for the lids, his has hinges on the outter edge and he simply turns those big black knobs on top to open them up, on my street glide you pop the latch and then swing it out/off and open. I would think you could disconnect the hinges and put on a standard lid. the one nice thing on the police lids, his girlfriend and him could open it from the seat while at a light, easier to access them. T
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    bikerfun; I have seen chrome push button conversions for the police lids. Gets rid of the hockey puck, but still retains the ez open feature. When you get next to another bagger, just compare the differences and see what you need to convert if you want the regular opening. Latches are kind of pricey.
  4. glens

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    I thought the space-robbing part in that location on those bikes was the anti-lock brake unit. The saddlebag is formed around it, right?
  5. orbit

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    More than likely, that's the ABS unit in that saddlebag. It takes up about half the bottom of the bag, right?

    Standard Harley saddlebags will fit. The lids should work, too. You'll just have to get the mounting hardware.

    It'll probably be easier just to swap out a complete set of civilian bags for the police bags.

    I kept the hockey pucks on my bags. They don't bother me at all as they're black and the bike's black, so you don't really notice 'em. And it is pretty easy to access the contents of the bags when you need to.

    I've heard of problems with the pop up button stuff. The latching mechanism some times fail, or they don't latch tight enough.
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    I kept the hockey pucks too. They can take a bit of oomph to turn, so I can’t imagine how you are supposed to turn that tiny popup button.
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    OK the unit behind the bag according to the FLHTPI Parts manual is the ABS Unit. I want to dissable the ABS so I can put a big front wheel on and regainthe lost realestate in my right saddle bag.
    Does anyone know anything about this procedure?
    There are like most things probably many ways to skin a cat.
    My favorite method is still with a 12 guage. There maybe some longhaired way to have ABS, saddlebag space and a big wheeel on the front and not on the back all at the same time. I just want to have very good brakes and the other stuff and not spend a fortune to get there.