FLHTC oil mystery

Discussion in 'Oil' started by Frums, Sep 5, 2008.

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    1997 Electra Glide Classic. Oil pressure gauge dropped to zero, mechanic at my local dealer replaced spring in relief valve. At 400 mile mark on a long highway trip, reading again dropped. Pulled over and dipstick was dry! We added three qts to get to full/cold mark and drove 30 miles to next dealer. Oil everywhere when we pulled dipstick. They drained off 24 ounces and replaced sending unit. Next day, over next 200 miles, pressure blew dipstick out three times, sending oil everywhere, and each time we siphoned more out to the full/hot mark. Next dealer changed oil and filter, drove fine for 300 miles, but in 50 miles sections, so never got super hot like prior days.
    Following day, first two gas stops at 150 and 300 miles, oil showed below full/cold on dipstick, so added one quart. 50 miles down the road dipstick blew out again. Siphoned and cleaned up again, and ran fine for the rest of the 450 miles. First dealer has it now. I'm no mechanic, so would appreciate any comments or similar past experiences. Never experienced any loss of power or changes in the way it ran (other than lots of smoke each time the oil hit the right muffler!)
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    Kind of sounds like its Sumping but usually ya show some power loss
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    Agree on the sumping. You may have a problem with the oil pump not scavenging properly or a bad "O" ring seal where the pump bolts up to the engine causing the oil to build up in the sump.