FLHRI Won't Start After Installing Trickle Charger

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by jiminpa, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. jiminpa

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    hello, I have a 2001 FLHRI. bike started and ran with no problems, bought a trickle charger, installed the quick disconnect wires, and now absolutely nothing, when I turn the switch on, only running lights come on, no turn signals, no fuel pump, no clicking at starter, bike is totally dead, checked all fuses, everything is good, got power at the ECM & the Fuel Pump and Starter relays, I have power at starter but wont turn over, have power at circuit breaker from wire from starter feeding the 3 wires to bike. I have been measuring thru this bike for 3 days, have power everywhere but wont start. checked the Run/Stop switch already.. ANY other ideas???? Thanks for any advice
  2. dbmg

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    Have you removed tender lead completely and see what happens?????
  3. Dan.1977P

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    Did you check it just after you did the install but before you hooked up the charger?
    If not, removing it like dbmg said and making sure it starts is a great first step and I'd also look for any grounds that may have been knocked loose when attaching the new wires.
    If so, I'd look for burned fuses or bad relays and return that charger as it could have a defect that caused a surge to the bike.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Load test the battery, clean and tighten the cables
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  5. TQuentin1

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    I think that Jack has you covered above. The Starter hits the battery very hard, and if the tender lead installation resulted in a poor battery lead connection, you might read voltage everywhere but when the near dead short of the starter hits the battery, the connection won't cut it.

    If that does not solve the problem, then check without the tender leads and also load test the battery. If you have a shorted cell, it can also show OK until you try to start.


  6. Amish Hawg

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    +1 on Jack and TQ.

    I'll bet on a bad battery. Coincidence is a booger.

    If it is bad, check out Batteries Plus. With coupons and the right counter person, $80 bucks.