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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by camo4life, Feb 13, 2011.

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    Looking for a little advice, I'm planning a trip with a group of friends to Sturgis this year. 6 bikes all with 2 riders...We have found rooms for everyone in Rapid City, we thought this might get us away in the evenings, is this a good choice? Also any must do rides or places to visit? We are all first timers, so any advice is appreciated.
    Thanks, be safe
  2. ultra...good

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    Hello- Might want to start with a little more info about what you want to do. When I say that I mean do you want to drink all night and see burnout contests? Go watch races? Hangout with a mello crowd. There is so much to do there, or at least there was the last time i was there, that it would be better if you started with that. Or, at least the average age group of who is going. I had a chance to go again this past year with a group that loves to stay up all night. That is not my thing, so naturally, I didn't go. Just my thought though. :hii
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    Going to Sturgis was my plan as well, I even had a cabin to rent...however the cabin rental place wanted $3075 within the next 15 days (this was back in August of 09).. Not an issue on cost as it was going to be 3 couples splitting the cost, but when I asked them to e-mail pictures of the cabin to me, all he kept saying to me was that there are pictures on-line and the cabin could sleep eight. The pictures on line showed several pictures of some really tiny almost shed like cabins. After talking to him on the phone he kind of gave me the run around so I decided, NO Sturgis and instead I am heading for Niagra Falls then across Canada and back home to Florida. Have many friends who took the trip out to Sturgis and although they all had good times, they all said the same thing go a couple weeks before or a couple weeks after, same fun and scenary only a $3000 dollar a week room goes for about $275-300.
    Good luck and I hope it works out for you and above all be safe and do not forget to post daily updates with pics for us to follow along.
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    I got some friends that are going out to Montana then heading over to Sturgis in 2012 I've been invited to join them. Thats a dream of mine to ride out to sturgis.. Sounds like you are getting all the details worked out, Never done it, but would adviise you to take lots of cash, Gas prices are on there way up again.. have fun..take a ton of pic's
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    To me the best part of "Sturgis" is to be anywhere but in Sturgis. The place to be is on the Iron Mountain Rd, or through Custer Park, or ride by Rushmore and Crazy Horse, spend some time in Deadwood Custer and Keystone. The two lane riding in the Black Hills is what its all about for me!

    I go in July. I stop and have my mandatory one beer and a stogie at The Knucklehead, then I never go back to that town. There is just too much cool stuff to do in the hills! As far as the crouds and concerts go, YUK! I don't do crouds and concerts at home, why would I do it there? I suppose if you have never seen a naked tweaker before, then hanging out at one of the campgrounds would bve cool. Personally they can keep it!
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    I agree with Bull Dog Jim. I have never spent more than 1 day at Sturgis during Sturgis week. It has grown too crowded for me. Now we arrive the last Friday of Sturgis week. Hit Sturgis on Saturday and stay the week after, enjoying all the beautiful riding in the Black Hills after the crowds are gone.

    You say you all are 2 up riding..... be patient in the traffic, give distance and slow down, really....slow down if riding after dark. Deer everywhere.

    It's an experience for sure, be safe and have fun.
  7. Mad Dog Jim

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    It might just be my old age crumudgeon days creaping up on me, but I am getting to where the whole rally scene is just a big joke to me. I have been know to have a beer or two, but I don't get a thrill out of being bumped into by 10,000 drunken fools. They also tend to atrack a heard of wanna be's that don't know the first thing about bikes. They say that cowboys wear tennis shoes so they don't look like truckers. (don't flame me, I used to be a trucker). Well, using the same theory, its getting to where I don't want to wear my leather jacket for the same reason. Sturgis is cool, I'm just saying that it is NOT what its all about. Sturgis is NOT biker mecca. Rollin down ANY 2 laner with a smile on your face and nothing on your mind but where you are and what you are doing... THAT's biker mecca!
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    I agree with everything that's been said about Sturgis itself...way too cowded for me. Ride Spearfish Canyon, Iron Mountain Rd, Needles Hwy, Custer State Park etc. but do it before or after the rally...if you try and do it during the rally it'll be almost bumper to bumper traffic and no fun.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Devils Tower. Needles hiway and Hot Springs:s
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    I agree 100% with Bull Dog Jim. Also the city of Sturgis is crooked as a dogs hind leg. ( meaning watch where you park because they have mobile no parking signs and are not afraid to set you up. You should be okay in Rapid City everything that is good is west of sturgis. Have Fun!!