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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Glider-Rider, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Glider-Rider

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    Today was the first time I rode since getting a Gerbing jacket liner for Christmas. I already had their 3G gloves. Was 35 - 37 degrees when I left home and couldn't believe how warm the Gerbing clothing was. I always heard that Gerbing was warm but I was skeptical. Boy was I wrong! I only turned the jacket up about 1/3 of the way and was plenty warm. I tried it on a higher setting to see how warm it would get. I got very hot quickly. My hands were a little cold with the Gerbing gloves. I found out that mine were too big. I got gloves that fit like my normal winter gloves, which have a little room in them. The Gerbing gloves need to fit snug in order to get maximum warmth from the heating elements. Going to exchange them tomorrow for a smaller pair. I think I can easily ride in 20 degree weather.

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    Good deal Dyna-rider finding out what both H-D and BMW riders have been using for years...and join other riders up there in the cold part of the country who rider deeper into the winter season than most. 2011 looks to be one of the years there will be more riders than usual going to discover Gerbing riding gear. Keep warm fellow riders!!!:D
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    Thanks for the report. I have heard good things about the Gerbing gear and I guess I'll just have to talk the wife into letting me get some so I too can still ride this winter. I can tolerate temps down to about 30 with my current gear, nothing heated, but I may be leaning towards riding the rest of the winter if the roads are clear with the heated stuff if it works that well.
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    Heated gear is great.
    I have First Gear brand with a dual controller.
    Jacket liner, pant liner and gloves.
    The gloves aren't as warm as the pant or jacket but my hands aren't freezing either.

    I ride year round (when the roads are clear)


  5. JDPEagle

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    Welcome to Gerbing and the joy of year-round riding. They forever changed our riding lifestyle. :bigsmiley12:
  6. '05Train

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    Some of the best money I ever spent on my bikes.
  7. Porter

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    Agreed on Gerbing!
    I only had the gloves for the longest time. My wife bought me the HD brand liner for Christmas. It snaps perfectly into my FXRG jacket. It is nice not to have to fish the wires down my sleeves for the gloves and the heat from the jacket means I only wore a single shirt on my rides in this week. It was 18F when I left the house yesterday morning and I was toasty. Plus you are more manueverable without so many layers on.

    I find myself wanting to take a nap though if I turn it up too much...The cold keeps me more awake.
  8. ImaRider

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    I rode with the gloves since last year. This year I bought the jacket liner. I have to say the few rides I have been able to do was very pleasurable. I really wasn't aware of the temps. If it wasn't for the ice on the roads I would be out more often. Glad you like your new gear. I have only been using a single temp controller with a splitter cord. I find the jacket does get warmer than the gloves.
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    Hey thanks for the tip on getting the tighter glove size to get the warmth.
  10. Glider-Rider

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    The was a lot difference in warmth in the smaller size gloves. The gloves are a little snug but not tight. With the smaller gloves, id don't have to turn the heat all the way up.