First Harley Tracks

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    22 months of riding in vietnam, presently 28,800 miles, sixth back tire along with a multiple of other parts over the time.

    A couple years ago while riding south on the Ho Chi Minh road I thought 'no one has ever ridden these roads" and it would be cool to do so. Especially being an American (and there are a couple hundred harleys here already). After completing that I thought 'no harley has ever ridden from north to south" so I did that too.

    Then I thought 'there are only a few roads around the crown of N vietnam/china border no harley has ever laid tracks" So here I am in a nice cheap hotel in Ha Giang. Tomorrow I'll lay tracks to the farthest point north ya can ride and across/through the wilderness area and finish off around the crown about tuesday.

    My 2nd time here. Monday as I was going up the mountian the front end kinda dropped and oil blew out from the panels on the front of the Fat Boy. Expected it was a seal and trucked it back to hanoi for repair. There I find some time ago the pinch bold busted and the tube unthreaded itself from the top plug. Luck me it did not bust up the threads on the plug. Lucky me to find a guy with a quart of fork oil (could not find any hydraulic). With that and a new bolt I am back to finish it off.

    From what I hear and read the best roads/scenery are yet to come. Doing most of the ridding solo. Doubt any harley will ever cover all my tracks, as I would not take many of these byways again myself. And I returned to Nam Can at the farthest south point last Feb for the second time to find they have dug out the last 50 meters of path to bring boats in from the main channel. So I have ridden farther south than is now possible.

    Kind of cool to lay down the first harley tracks. Been a great ride.
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    Sounds like a cool and interesting adventure. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Great writeup Great ride, The last time i was in your neck of the woods was in 66/67,.
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    Very cool, sounds like that was an incredible ride! Any pics you would like to share?
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    Way Cool!!!