First good ride on the new 103" upgrade

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by flh canuck, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. flh canuck

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    After several months of lousy weather (read: non-stop rain) I finally got the Electraglide out for a good day trip yesterday and was able to put the 103" Stage 2 engine upgrade through its paces.

    Weather forecast called for rain yet again but I got lucky and it stayed dry all day. Temperature never made it about 55 degrees but my electric vest kept things comfortable.

    Headed down through Sumas into Washington State and stopped for lunch at the Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro in the old part of Bellingham. Absolutely the best beef stew I have ever had and also enjoyed a pint of their very own IPA.

    From there I headed south on Chuckanut Drive. Roads were dry, very little traffic and of course the scenery was amazing as always. If you are ever riding through Washington State, this route is a must, especially if you love corners.

    Headed back home through Burlington then Sedro-Wooley and back up to Sumas to cross back into Canada. Overall, a perfect ride and a great start to the 2011 riding season.

    Having done this ride many times before on the old 96" engine, it was like a brand new ride with the new Stage 2 103" engine upgrade.

    The extra power was most noticable when stuck behind the odd RV or slow vehicle. Pull out, whack the throttle and you are gone.....Passing is effortless.

    Also find the exhaust note is very pleasing now. When cruising along the highway at light throttle, the engine just purrs along effortlessly with the SE255 cam.

    Absolutely love the way the the Electraglide is running with the new engine upgrade and am looking forward to putting on a lot more miles this season.
  2. Ishmael

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    Good on ya mate! First ride of the season and an upgrade too! Can't get much better than that. I've always enjoyed the northwest and hope I can ride there someday. Rock on.
  3. dbmg

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    Sounds like you are very happy with the results. Nothing like making a familar bike seem like new again.
    There goes that 45 MPG.:D:D
  4. CalgaryBikeBum

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    Good to hear. We finally got first ride on Sat and then went out again on Sunday. New Screaming Eagle clutch makes a big diff. I figured old clutch was slipping. Boy was I ever right. I can't out run my friends 141CI Triumph Triple (yet :d) but he at least had to work at catching me for a change. No one else could catch us. Makes it worthwhile when things work out. Now for some nicer weather. :)
  5. mat 60

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    Glad you had a great firs ride,,,I went on my first ride this spring last weekend..New vance and hines big radi, fuel pack and just stage one and It runs ,sounds,and looks great...Its like a new bike all over....I cant wait to add more bling.
  6. lorne

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    Glad to hear you had a good ride. i miss those twisty roads up in that part of the world
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  7. R_W_B

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    Great to hear that. Where did you get the upgrade ? did it yourself ? Got it thru an Indy or performance shop, if so who was it ? Got it thru H.D. order ?

    Was it a total new engine or rebuild of the old ?
  8. 09RGlideKY

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    I love the 103 man! :D
  9. tubguy

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    Flf who did your upgrade?
  10. flh canuck

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    Upgraded my original 96" engine which had almost 36,000 kms on the clock.

    Only issue I had with the 96" was a bit of excess oil from the breathers but that problem has been resolved with the new top end.

    Did the upgrade myself with assistance from the factory shop manual and info provided by many of the regular contributors on this site.

    Ordered the 103" SE Race Kit from Latus Harley Davidson in Oregon which included cylinders, pistons, SE255 cams and all the required gaskets for a very reasonable cost. This kit did not include exhaust or stage one air intake which was perfect as I already had those upgrades.

    Also purchased the SE Pro Super Tuner so I could modify the fuel injection to accomodate the new build.

    Took me a little time as this was my first venture inside a Harley Davidson motor but things went smoothly and it was an enjoyable learning experience.

    The kit also included a new SE clutch spring which I haven't installed yet. Dont really want to increase the clutch lever pressure so will run the stock clutch spring for now and see how it holds up.