Fingerprint marks on my console

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  1. brderj

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    I can't believe I haven't brought this up before!!!

    So...I took my bike in for the 5k service to thunder-mountain in Denver (there are two, one is in Loveland where I purchased the bike), I get free service checks for the next 4 years. Anyway, I bring the bike in and I go back to work. Afterwork I go back to pick the bike up, some odd guy who stands at parade rest while talking to me (I was in uniform) brings the bike out. I ride home. It's so very cold (this is about 5 months ago). I notice some fingerprints on the console of the bike. I also notice that the throttle is loose, I can turn it almost 1/4 of a turn before anything happens. I am annoyed but this is the end of the day, no one would be there if I took it back at this point. I know a guy who is a H-D guru and could fix the throttle, I will simply wash the bike to get the prints off. 2-3 days later I wash the bike, prints wont come off. I go to mile high harley (closest to my house) and talk to one of the service guys I know there. He says the prints appear to be a chemical burn into the paint, thats why they are a grey against the black paint, and they will never come off. To this day they are still there. I called thunder-mountain, talked to one of the service guys who said he would call me back, he never did. I ended up leaving the country (military stuff) and here I am, back and happy. I have never heard back from them. I am afraid that if I call back now they will call me a liar , I am stuck with a loose throttle and chemical burn fingerprints in my console. IDK what to all are the experts. I will call tomorrow (they were closed today) and try to hash it out with a manager.

    What would you do, what do you expect will happen with me? Thanks guys!
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    i would call and raise Heck esp if you have been out of the country serving your country you should be treated with respect .. but i wouldnt hold my breath
  3. brderj

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    Yeah...thats what I am afraid of. I'm not looking for special treatment, I'm looking to make right the wrongs the service department made on my beautiful $20,000 bike!! You and I hit on this earlier this morning...I need to learn to do all this myself. At least I can blame myself for what goes wrong, and I can know for sure what has been done.
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    I don't use H-D dealerships for service. Fortunate enough to have a H-D certified mechanic who opened his own shop. If I had that problem with my bike, he would have definitely taken care of it. Now, to get your problem solved...Go to the manager first and work you way up the chain of command until it's resolved. Worst case scenerio, contact corporate sales and report the dealership. If they are BBB members, report them. You could notify your insurance co. for a claim. If it really gets ugly, post your complaint on your local Craiglist, forums, etc. You should have everyones support, especially being a Veteran or active military. Don't give up and please ask around for a good H-D mechanic in your area. Semper Fi!
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    That's great advice...thank you.

    As far as the mechanic thing goes, I paid for all this service up front. Well, I guess given the circumstance, it would probably be worth the money to know I am getting the right service.

    Thanks again.
  6. joel

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    So if you have a finger print, how about looking in to who it belongs to, pull your resources at the base on investigation, maybe they can help.
  7. SeaRider04

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    That's what I was thinking, if the dealer is not willing to do anything.

    Semper Fi.
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    Worst case, you'll probably have to replace the consol insert. Is it replaceable on a Crossbones? But I would think the throttle issue should be covered under your warranty. Should really be no arguement over that.
  9. sharpscuba

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    I would go as stated to the dealer and simply explain that the proof is there on the console.It would not be hard to prove in a court of law who the print belonged to.With the cost of going to trial and having to pay for it in the end it would behoove the dealer to suck it up now. As mentioned the warranty should cover the throttle issue.On a side note thank you for your service.Our country is in need of young men and women like you to keep us away from the turmoil that exist in this world.
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    I have to go with sharpscuba here about this sort of thing.
    Everyone is trying to get rich in a hurry without working for it an the courts are over loaded with these type people trying to sue someone else for what they consider a threat to them which it very well could be taken as. Sometimes it works but other times it backfires and they end up behind the eight ball. ( that's a polite way of saying they get what's due them at a later date :s )