Fingerless Gloves – no way!

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  1. leeanders

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    Do I need fingerless gloves – no way!

    That was me up until about a month ago. Being not young as I once was, and having been riding for over 50 years, I’ve never worn gloves, with the exception of a few cold weather rides – and to get that cold – they were few and far between.

    See the photo below and you will see why now I’m wearing fingerless gloves. Seventy five year old hands are very susceptible to sun caused skin cancer. Actually, it probably begins much younger, but I never noticed it. Recently I’ve had to have precancerous lesions ‘frozen’ off by a dermatologist, not only on my hands, but on my lower arms as well. I was cautioned to wear long sleeves and gloves if I continued to ride a motorcycle.

    So, I bought a pair of ‘mechanics’ gloves from Walmart a few days ago, and have now cut the fingers out of them. They are bothersome, hot, and uncomfortable – but if gloves will keep me riding, I guess that’s what it’s come to.

    So the essence of this message, if any, is to alert ‘younger’ riders to the danger the sun can, and will, inflict on your hands and arms over time. Now, I’m having to say- no way, without gloves.

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  2. Breeze3at

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    Except for cold weather, I also never wore gloves until recently. I don't have any lesions yet, but the skin on the back of my hands seems to be quite thin lately. Also, I had a low speed accident a few years ago, and the palms of my hands got skinned a bit. Now I usually wear padded palm fingerless gloves. Makes me feel like a REAL biker too! :D
  3. fin_676

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    I always wear gloves when riding but then it never gets really hot here I would feel weird if I was not wearing all my protective gear and I would be cold as well

  4. CRCKR

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    I lost the last pair that I had but I used to get moutainbike gloves. They were lightweight on the top so they didn't get hot and they had leather padding on the palms. There were a bunch of different styles and they really lasted a long time. I remember they used to be a lot cheaper than anything "motorcycle' purposed.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    I always wear gloves, a wise man told me a long time ago, it is a natural instinct to protect your self with your hands so I figure a glove is better than bare skin, plus i feel a better grip specialy when riding in the rain
  6. RibEye

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    I wear my nice leather fingerless golves almost exclusively. I only go to full gloves when teh weather gets cold enough to demand them. I almost never ride without gloves.

    Rich P
  7. dbmg

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    I have always worn gloves. I have tried fingerless gloves and always had a hard time getting them on. So I used the mesh type motorcycling gloves.
  8. oldhippie

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    I pretty well always ride with gloves on. I need to find myself a new pair of perforated gloves though. My last pair have ripped.
  9. gator508

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    I have always worn gloves, well, almost always, fingerless until it gets cold then gauntlets.
    The mistake I made was buying cheeps, now I have a pair of HD fingerless and Fox Creek gauntlets.

    Good post leeanders, here in the sunbelt, one needs to protect themselves from the sun.
  10. jamesearl

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    I used to never wear a bandana,till I realized it kept my forehead free of sunburn,and kept my hair from getting so tangled I had to rip it out to comb it.