Filling the primary to proper level ?

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Wayne R, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Wayne R

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    I just changed the primary fluid on my wifes 2006 ultra, the owners manual says to fill the chaincase with approximately 32 ounces with the bike level,after putting in the full quart I couldnt see the fluid level at the bottom of the basket like the diagram shows, so I added probaly another 6 to 8 ounces before seeing the fluid at the very bottom of the basket, I know the owners manual said this was an approximate but 6 to 8 ounces seems like too much to be off does anybody think this is ok appreciate the help.
  2. Bud White

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    could be to much you will know by how clutch acts.. 07 and up take 38 oz maybe a late build 06 ?
  3. Chopper

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    I personally would drain it out into a clean container and reinstall 32oz, it's easier to do now the when you want to ride, 32oz is plenty of fluid, that's just me.
    Do not overfill the primary chaincase with lubricant. Overfilling can cause rough clutch engagement, incomplete disengagement, clutch drag and/or difficulty in finding neutral at engine idle.
  4. larryjmiller

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    I'm with you Chopper.

    32 oz on my RK places the fluid right at the bottom of the cage just slightly wicking up. It seemed to shift better and go into and out of neutral better but I can't be sure.

    After reading the manual again (3 times), it seems to contradict itself. It says to put enough in to touch the bottom of the cage but it also says 38 oz. Most of the other guys said to put in 38 oz so I opened her up and added 6 more oz. As I mentioned in another thread, I couldn't see much (any actually) level change. Probably because that's at the longest and fattest section of the primary.

    So to be safe, I added 38 oz again on my last O/C a few weeks ago. Maybe we should take a poll on this?
  5. fabrozor

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    If you use the visual filling method, try to add the oil when bike is vertical and on its wheels, not on the lifter because on the lifter it can tend to inclinate and wick the level reading.

    In my case, i just drop one quart in the primary as said in the manual (i may be wrong doing so because like you when i try to look at the level i can't see the oil reach the clutch. But i fill once the bike is on the lifter so ... i don't know).
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  7. TQuentin1

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    I agree with the guys above. I just add a quart and button it up.

  8. Wayne R

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    Thanks again all, wasnt sure and didnt feel right adding so much fluid, a little confused about not seeing the fluid level at the bottom of the basket, but Im gonna take the advice of the pros on this forum and drain the chaincase and re install to the reccommended 32 ounces, used a new derby cover gasket and torqued it down already, but the motor hasnt been started and heated up yet so I think I can probaly re use it.
  9. glider

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    Shouldn't be a problem reusing the gasket.
  10. BUBBIE

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    I ADD 32OZ. THEN LOOK TO SEE IF THE LEVEL is WHERE IT IS supposed TO BE..... I ALWAYS LIKE THE OIL LEVEL TO BE right to the "SWEET SPOT" on the clutch basket BOTTOM just like HD says...... A few oz. either way should not make a difference UNLESS it is OVER the bottom ring of clutch,,,, THAT is when the problem of TOO MUCH and oil DRAG comes in play.. LIKE MOST agreed on here,,, IT is OKAY with 32oz. in the chain case.(.)

    I have a PTcruiser (wifes 01)...... I ALSO USE REDLINE 5W50 in it(plug for red)........
    IT NEVER HAS SHOWN FULL on the DIP STICK... always has been a SHORT quart low......WHEN drained (all oil at the right spot and angled correctly to drain fully) it drains out and WHEN new filter and oil is added (correct amount) then started and ran, IT WILL BE 3/4 to 1qt low on the DIP STICK......

    IF i leave it with the correct amount in it FACTORY SPECKS it is fine BUT IF I add OIL to the DIP STICK FULL LINE , it goes THRU that quart of X-TRA oil in a week or so... meaning TOO MUCH so leaving it a quart low on the DIP is where it NEEDS to be...

    HARLEY,,, TOO FULL IS NOT A GOOD THING... IT HAS NO PLACE TO GO to correct it's self,,, unless it is FULL enough to BLOW a seal and LEAK OUT while going down the road... the hd cases do VARY a little and a FEW OZ. OF OIL either way doesn't make a BIG ENOUGH difference """UNLESS""" OVER THE CLUTCH RING... THAT being the "sweet spot" MAX. oil level.... AND is just that,,, THE MAXIMUM LEVEL oil should be.... OVER and PROBLEMS can show-up!

    JUST FUEL for the FIRE!


    I always make sure the gasket is DRY of oil.... Synthetic some times finds its way out byy a syphon affect if not.