Fear of Flying

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by BigTup, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. BigTup

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    Does this happen to any of you? While I'm riding I am totally confident and I really enjoy myself. But when I'm not riding I worry about getting hurt. Every morning I hear of at least one motorcycle accident on the radio. Let me say that this bike is my 10th. I am a very competent driver and always on the lookout for the idiots on the road. I've had about a thousand traffic tickets, but no accidents. I don't commute or drive in rush hour traffic, I avoid the freeways and usually ride on the weekends and never consume alcohol while riding. Its just that if something did happen, you are not protected.
  2. Twisted Grip

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    Fear can be a good thing at certain times, keeps you in check. If you fear everything in life, no need to step out the front door in the morning..you will be disapointed..

    No fear of flying here, sit back have a drink and enjoy the flight (Especially if Dr. Doolittle is behind the controls)

    A thousand traffic tickets you say? Thats a LOT.
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    My wife has a fear of flying and riding motorcycles. However, I love both of them.
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    as far as I am concerned... No fear = Stupidity. Fear helps to keep us from doing stupid things and hurting ourselves and others.

    That said. ...my sig is a quote from a old biker named Ollie that I met last spring.
  5. Twisted Grip

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    Very true..Go with your gut...It never lies..If it's wrong your gut knows and over rules your mind..
  6. chips

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    The biker who rides aggressively with no fear will eventually end up a dead biker, it's just a matter of time, and I'm not talking old age.

    Riding with full awareness of your surroundings and keeping that amount of fear about you will only enhance the ride. Always treat cage drivers and kids on rockets as if they WILL do the wrong thing and you will survive.

    As far as flying goes, when you look at the stats, it's the safest mode of transport in the world today.
  7. drake

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    been there, done that. came into a sharp curve not knowing an overweight coal truck had just gone into the same curve before me and tore the asphalt up. my bike front tire went into one of the ruts left by the coal truck, bike stopped cold but I took a flight over the handlebars. broke 7 ribs and lacerated my spleen. that was in june "03", I was back riding in august. going to take more than that to keep me off my ride!
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    I think the rush of adrenaline we get when we unexpectedly face a dangerous situation in the pursuit of our everyday lives is just a healthy reminder to be careful out there. It also is part of life's thrills.
    Let's face it, most of us bikers are aware of the risk our chosen mode of transport entails, it's partly why we ride.
    I might be out of my depth here and some of you guys out there who have experienced it might correct me, I think fear is when your life is constantly at risk from factors and events outside your control and you have at the back of your mind the constant feeling that you or your mates might be next.
    This is the fear that demands courage to conquer.
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    I am the same way. I worry about something happening to me more when I'm not riding and just thinking about it. While riding I feal confident and comfortable but am always on the lookout. I really think a little fear and concern makes us all better and safer riders.