fat boy noises and chrome headlamps

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    Hi all... I purchased a 2001 fatboy that seems to have a lot of tinny sounding vibrations that are belive are comeing from the inclosed chrome headlamp houseing. being this is my first harley is there any effective ways to shut this thing up. The to halfs are bolted Directley to the forks. I was in one of the major vendors catalogs that there headlamp houseing kits that includes some type of side support bracket my set up dosent have thease but Im wondering if they were ommited and thease need to be there for xtra support should I put some type of insulator between the covers and the mounting surfaces
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    OK, perhaps I don't understand what you have. Do you have the stock teardrop headlight or the big road king looking one (chrome front end)?

    If its the road king looking one (I have the same) the answer is no you don't need anything else. I tend to wonder if your headlight is loose or the cover bracket (over the headlight) is loose. Also are your handlebars loose, or the bracket covering your risers?

    Remember blue loctite anything you take off and put back on.
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