Fat boy, heritage and deluxe.

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by milo2, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. milo2

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    Well the good lady out of the blue said i need a bigger bike (physically). So whilst being fairly keen on a wide glide i do think that the above would be more suited to a bit of touring. My question is how do the softtails handle? I have heard lots of negatives, probably from those who have never ridden one, can you do much to the suspension without going to fournales? Power wise i believe they are down as opposed to the unbalanced motors but is it really discernible? What mileage can one expect from a counterbalanced motor (well maintained and not used for scratching Lol). They all look fairly similar so i reckon that lots of the individual parts could be mixed and matched.
    Any advice gladly accepted.:bigsmiley11:
  2. KingHeritage

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    Milo,you won't hear many negatives on a Softail from my perspective.Of course this is a predjudiced opinion but IMHO the styling of the Heritage Softail Classic makes it the coolest looking bike on the street!It's standard features include bags and a windshield which also make it a very practical machine.I've never experienced any handling issues and the rear shocks are adjustable for a soft or firm ride.I would think that my balanced motor is within 5hp of an unbalanced one and thats mainly because of the counter weights added to th crankshaft.Everthing else is the same.Quite frankly I don't understand why HD doesn't install balanced motors on on all of the big twins.I don't need my motor shaking the way they do at every idle.JMHO
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    I know that I'am new to this forum but I have been riding Harleys for about 30 years. I have a 2006 Herrtage Classic and like it very much as far as power there is a difrent of about 15 h.p. between the A-motor and the B-motor the only time you will notice it is if you like to race with your buds I would not change back to any other bike I have rode pan,shovels,sporters, and really like my Herritage alot. That is just my opionion but I agree I dont need any motor shaking me at stop lights I'am to old. I rode from Tennesse to sturgis last year about 400 to 450 miles a day and was not tired rode all week in sturgis total trip was 2500 miles (not bad for a old man) hope that helps.:bigsmiley24:
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    i like the fit on a soft tail. you sit a little lower , have traveled all over with my 05, power wise (talking two stock bikes) i keep up with my buddys road king up to 125 mph. then he has a slight edge.
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    I'm prejudiced towards a Heritage also. My buddy has a Street Glide and we trade sometimes. He also loves my Heritage, says it just feels right. We both have done the Stage 1 and he can't keep up. I did however get a TTS tuner and had it dynoed. Puts out 75 hp and 90 lbs of torque.
  6. Skratch

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    I had a Heritage before I got my Ultra.

    Not that I'd want to give up the Ultra but I wish I still had the Heritage. Its a great bike.

    I'm about adding...not trading. :p
  7. Billbo

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    Hobbit - did I detect a small note of sarcasm there??? hummmmmm or do you agree - sooner or later you will own an Ultra. ;-)

  8. fin_676

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    as your current ride is a bonnie id think youll notice a fair bit of difference in the handling but it all depends on the type of riding you do
    any bonnie is a good frame for the twisty roads and spirited riding the softail frame is great for cruising and perhaps touring but does not like to flick from one side to the other on an undulating road
    you may find some clearance issues with the floorboards on some models of softail

  9. HarryB737

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    Love my FLSTC & so does my "Lady" :D
  10. Jack Klarich

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    I rented a Deluxe in Mn. last summer, nice 2 up bike