Fade of fairing above mirrors

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by StGlide1958, May 26, 2009.

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    Noticed my Street Glide fairing area about the mirrors fading a bit. Almost as if the wind coming over the fairing is causing it. Anyone else noticing this sort of fade? The rest of the inner fairing is fine, just the area above the mirrors.:17:
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    There is a product out there called Aerospace 303 Protectant. They describe themselves as "SPF For Your Stuff". It was developed some time ago but is not sold through the normal retail channels such as Walmart or auto supply stores. It is used extensively by aviation mechanics to treat tires, windshields and fiberglass parts. It comes in a 8 oz. pump spray bottle for about $6.00 and also in 16 oz spray bottles. I have been using it to dress my tires to give them that "new" look without making them slippery. It works very well for that. I have also tried it on leather seats and it does wonders for making leather look like new too. If you read the product sheet it is pretty much a miracle chemical that has a world of uses, many of which will adapt to motorcycles that have special needs. It is not harmful to paint, although not marketed for such. I have found that using it for tires, leather seats and jackets etc., rubber pads and floorboards and especially the inside of our black fairings dramatically improves their look and protects them from untraviolent sunrays. Probably the best place to get this stuff is at your local boat shop as they use it to spray on fiberglass boats and also on the cloth tops of boats as it also acts as a sunscreen for fabric as well. Aviation mechanics are another good source, but they are usually harder for most people to gain access to. Most products promise us the world but deliver far less. This stuff delivers on all accounts without charging an arm and a leg.
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    I had the same problem,was told by one HD rep. that it was because I parked it the wrong way in the sun! Couldn't accept that so I took it to Kitchener Harley and they replace it under warranty,which was kind of redundant because I ended up painting it over the winter. Here's another idea for you
    Dash Treatments - Harley Davidson Community
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    Steve - glad I searched this. I have the same problem with my 08 EG Classic. Above the mirrors it is noticeably faded. Only have 17000 miles on it and all this year. It's been in the garage any time it's not on the road which was about 4 weeks worth of road trips and a few weekends this summer. I'll be putting that on the warranty list as well as the annoying brake squeal when it goes to the dealer but that won't happen until the snow starts flying.
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    My buddies 07 SG had the same thing. He asked about replacing it but they said no then he rapped on the fairing to show them how it rattled. They said they would replace for the broken fairing mounts.

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    What...? Steve you did not read the HD Dealer SSB (Standard Service Bulletin) that said due north is where all HD's should park their bikes in honor of Canadians and especially Mr Claus for service above and beyond the call of duty? :lero

    Actually UV protectant is a good choice or follow your example and paint their inner fairings (free plug!!). :D