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    Short Version:
    WHAT can I do to give me FACE & NECK UVA/B protection that is NOT a lotion.

    Longer Version:
    I ride 7 days a wk abt 1,800 miles/month in S. Florida. Soon I will be riding ALL over the USA all summer long and in the Mohjave Desert in mid-August (I know STUPID but that is not the pont).

    I have the lotion. I know there is cold/heat gear to wick away the moisture and keep you cool but I need UVA and UVB protection. <-- THAT IS what I need for my FACE and NECK.

    UVA/B goes thru the bandanas I have tried. Some sites have UVA/B protection built into bandanas but they are not elastic like and hurt while wearing them. clothes over the face/neck hold heat in. The wick away stuff is not UVA/B protected.....HELP!

    Any suggestions? IDEALLY something that is wick away WITH UVA/B and is elastic like. (I do not ask for too much do I?)

    THANK YOU ALL in advance!!

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    I think you are stuck with lotion.
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    There are only two options I can think of:
    1.) Chemical
    2.) Physical

    So, for whatever reason, you don't want the lotion (chemical, but it still a physical blocker, if you get into the weeds on how it works).

    I don't understand when you type that bandanas don't work. I have TIG welded stainless for 4 hours, inside a polished tank and a bandana protected my neck from reflected UV. That UV is more intense than riding in the sun for a week straight. Some UV is reflected up, so if your bandana is blowing around, you could get sunburned under you chin and neck. Is some of the irritation "wind burn" as opposed to UV burn? Do you ride with a full face helmet? I am guessing that you don't wear a full face helmet. With a tinted visor, that would significantly decrease your exposure.

    The only one-piece item I can think of is that would be something like an "Under Armor" face mask. I where it in the winter to keep something over my skin. It would not be hot in the summer since it is so thin. it covers your entire head and neck, except for an oval around your eyes. Add sunglasses and you are about 98% covered. It is a very tight weave fabric so not much will get through. I have a pretty big mellon and it is confortable for me.

    For me, when the temp is above 75F, I ride till I have to fill up the tank and my riding habit is:
    1) Get something to drink to stay hydrated.
    2) Never pass up a chance to use the restroom. There I typically wash my face when I wash my hands and add more sunscreen. I have Rosacia. For me a little sun helps a bit it seems, but a sunburn is really painful, so I avoid it.
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    While on my cross country trip to Sturgis I found a good High SPS number Sunblock to be a god send. I also used A LOT of Chapstick. The wind and sun will do a number on your lips. The sunblock, if not the greasy stuff will rub into the skin and not be a problem. Just my opinion from my own ride. Good luck on your trip
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    Use a full face helmet (white or silver color) with good flow thru ventilation system. Using a water wetted bandana for the neck area (front and back) also helps. Your face shield could be one-way smoke or mirrored so less heat is absorbed works. To prevent fogging, Shoei carries a "Breathguard" that fits over the nose into the chin guard liner with velcro. It seals out the nose and mouth steam, from fogging faceshield or eyeglass is you wear them; good ventilation keeps your scalp, eyebrow and chin area cool.
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    not sure why you do not want to use sun block. My son is a life guard in FL, he is out all day long. They use coppertone sport SPF 60, it is not sticky at all and does a great job.
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    Give Eastern Mountains Sports or REI a try. Most people associate them with skiing, mountain climbing, etc. but they have a pretty extensive selection of outdoor wear (mountain biking, kayaking, etc) and there stuff while a little expensive is well worth it.