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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 01 rk, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. 01 rk

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    Do the pushrod covers have to be replaced when using the Andrews ez install pushrods?
  2. brownfoxx1

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    no, AS A GENERAL OVER-VIEW) What engine year and model? only do one push-rod R&R at a time. or maybe one intake & exhaust push-rod at a time. out of 09 touring service shop manual . just remember to put the engine on #1 TDC before you raise the lower push-rod cover mark the upper and lower push rod covers , so you don't get the mixed up.( hold it up with duct tape.)and cover the lifter covers with a shop rag. then use bolt cutters to dike the old push-rods.as usual use new O-rings & upper & lower gaskets on a very clean surfaces along with putting a dab of lube on push-rod ends before sticking them into the upper & lower push-rod covers and inserting them into the head and adjusting them to a loose fit.and adjust the pushrods as per your shop manual.
    (Usually you install #1 intake pushrod and adjust it rotate engine to equiupement rental places or construction contractors might have large bolt cutters you can rent. hope this helps maybe others will have the shop manual for your engine,lb
  3. TQuentin1

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    Don't HAVE TO, but the replacements are easier to use since the bottom section moves up further to make it easier to get to the adjusters.

  4. badge171

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    don't let the top dead center scare you . Seen valve lash adjusted fine without going through the tedious TDC routine, just make absolutely sure cam lobe is in the most downward position , lifter will be a the lowest height in the lifter body, put the bike in a stand raise the rear wheel , get the bike in 5Th gear, pull the plugs use the rear tire to adjust came position setting. correct push rod cover makes live a lot easier for your adjustment. use a close pin to hold up cover during adjustment.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    All good info here , use new gaskets when changing push rods and tubes always
  6. ChopperDoc

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    Duct Tape and Cloths Pins work ok but I find that bent paper clips and rubber bands work the best - Holds the tubes up and nothing is in your way.
  7. CropdusterDoug

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    Me too. That's the way I do it. Also, I don't bother with TDC. When the front cylinder intake is full open, I adjust the rear cylinder intake pushrod. Same procedure for the other pushrods. Oh, the bike has to be up on the stand to be able to turn the rear wheel. Having the spark plugs out helps so you don't have to fight the compression. Use a higher gear.