Eye Wear: What do you wear?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DDogg, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. DDogg

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    I'm one not to wear a sheild. Don't like them. I would like to know what others use for eye wear when not using a sheild. I've got a couple pair of sunglasses. Make ya look cool, but turn your head doing 70 and oops, there they go down the freeway. What would you all recommend? Naturally one's that have a band straped around your head should keep them from flying off. I don't want to look like I'm scuba diving. Do I want to look cool, sure. Do I want eye protection, YOU BET YA. Let me know what you wear and are you happy with price and durability.
  2. kemo

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    I got mine at Walmart in the bicycle dept. Three sets of lenses, clear for night amber for rain and grey for sun. The lenses interchange are foam sealed and have a strap. Less than $30. I was at Sturgis and was ready to put down $130 for a pair and then I realized that I would lose them or leave them behind or blow off my head and decide that I just couldn't do i. Vry happy with my choice.
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    I wear a full lid which as a slide down sun visor - just covers the eyes. Find it very good. I put on a Fog City anti-mist film on my main visor recently which works well.
    If you go "topless", then you could try something like a spec strap from GUL for your sunnies. Basically they're a little accessory for yachties and windsurfers to keep the eyewear on. Use 'em on my sunnies for skiing - they're neat and they work. I've worn 'em racing on the water in a hell of a blow and they do not move - regardless of wind direction. :D
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    Bobster, convertibles. They come with dark, amber and clear lens.Also have a head band which can be fitted but I've found this of no use when wearing a hemlet as the helmet pulls the strap down around your neck when you put it on. Overall a good product, can easily sit at 75-80 mph without anything affecting my eyes.
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    My 3/4 helmet has a shield which I usually leave on until it's really warm. With the shield in place I just use any old sunglasses. I also have a set of WileyX that I really like - standard temple wear or strap, interchangeable lenses, vented around the sides, carry pouch. Got them on Ebay for around $75 I think. They're "ballistic" type - apparantly the military use them on the shooting ranges.

    Tried the Panoptix transition lenses and they don't get dark enough on a real sunny day for me.
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    Mine are HD. I think they are cool. The lenses change, as it gets brighter they get darker and lighter as it gets darker. They were about $100.00 but they had some kind of 20% off coupon.
  8. rhino

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    i got the hd glasses with the gaskets. they keep the wind out. my wife wears em too she has contacts and regular sun glasses dry her eyes to fast. havent lost a pair yet they fit fairly tight.
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    Cheap sun glasses, oh yeah! With the glass so dark, they won't even know your name.

    And an adjustable strap.

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    After wrecking my second pair of $100 glasses I swore Id never spend that kind of money on them again.Found the Oakley style safety glasses off the Snapon truck to work great with my big beek.The good thing about these is once you find a style that fits you you can buy them in tinted,yellow and clear.Snapons RWD catalog carries about 10 different styles for about $10 each.