Extended Warrenty,yes or no?

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  1. Rick L.

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    Hello; I am about to buy my first Harley,( 09 RK Classic ) and need opinions on the extended warrenty.I am the the kind of person who works on his own bike.Thanks
  2. glider

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    As with anything new, I feel it is a good investment if it doesn't create a problem for you cost wise. I tool it on my 07 because of the new 96 engine and 6 speed trans being a new thing.
  3. krikket

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    I used to be a car tech and love to monkey around and fix things. But I still got the extended warranty because there are some things which go beyond my abilities and time to fix. Besides, if Harley's were that reliable this forum probably wouldn't exist!:s In my opinion, it's worth it.
  4. scrinch

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    I guess if you got the money its OK, but I figure the reason they sell Extended Warranties is because they make money on them. If you don't use it, it's your money that they are making --taking.

    Also read the fine print. .. Somewhat unrelated but still pertinent. I recently took out a Service Contract with Staples for a printer. I am a photographer and use my printer hard. When the printer broke, Staples replaced it with a rebuilt printer and said that satisfied their obligation. The rebuilt failed right after the 60 day guarantee ended, and even though I had paid for a 2 year contract which had about 6 months left, I was SOOL (EDIT)Out Of LucK
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  5. 66cruiser

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    If you can tell a screwdriver from a crescent wrench & can read a service manual, just put the $ they want for the extended warranty in the bank & pay for repairs out of that. The odds greatly favor your coming out ahead especially if you take it to an independent shop for anything you can't do yourself.
  6. STEVE07

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    My bike will be out of factory warranty soon so I posted this question a couple of weeks ago. On the advice of the members here I purchased the extended, when I was at the dealer they asked me if I wanted rode hazzard on wheels and tires,I have declined so far but what do you all think about Harley's road hazard warranty.I,ll be keeping this one for a while and I put approx.12,000 miles a year on it.
  7. 2002SilverSurfer

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    On a new bike, I would hope that there would be no need for an extended warranty or at least a less of a need if you are fairly mechanical. In my case, I bought my scoot used and decided on the extended warranty because I had no idea what had and had not been done in the previous 4 or 5 years of someone else owning the bike. In my case, the extended warranty has paid for itself 2X over already as I have had my engine completely rebuilt from the crank up ($3100) and various other things such as stator and voltage regulator that with labor cost quite a bit.

    Just my .02....
  8. Fourdogs

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    My opinion is get it. One of the few things you can negotiate when purchasing a Bike. Myself like others here will a test to the fact because it is a Motorcycle ..and I don't care what brand so the fact its a Harley makes no difference ( and wow I get so freakin tired of hearing.."If its a Harley" it will bah bah bah...) Its a Motorcycle the technology is very different. Mine also had paid for itself...but my RK has never left me stranded because I do the reg. maintenance and before a long trip ..which I made several (I have 51,000 plus miles on a 04 RK) I look to this site for opinion what I might ask my mechanic to check. Was headed to Calif. and ask them to check the Cam tensioners before I left( they were worn)that was at 36,000 miles was covered under extended warranty. Also had a cracked Throttle body covered. So yes thank God for this place its because of the knowledge I gained here I know what questions to ask...Not just coz it a Freakin Harley.. Now the steam valve is closed!!!!!!!.
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  9. micanuck

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    My extended warranty came in handy after buying new tires for my "06 Ultra. With only 700 Km, the rear one looked soft one day and I found a screw in it. The local dealer replaced it completely free of charge thanks to the additional wheel and tire coverage I purchaced with the extended warranty.
  10. tlyoungb

    tlyoungb Junior Member

    Anyone have any idea what the extended warrenty covers? Or where one can find out? Or do you have to call HD to get that info.