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  1. cyborg

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    Just called H-D about getting extended warranty.
    2-5 years $964 to $1644 No payments, All the money up front with a $50.00 deductible. Does not cover everyday ware parts tires, brake pads, belts. So i`m guessing it only covers the drive train, Motor and tranny.
    You would think Harley would at least have a payment plan. Some of us do have to work for a living.
  2. Billua

    Billua Active Member

    Totally not worth it imho...
  3. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    I don't leave the dealer without it, tho I ride every day, you have to consider if you ride enough and want out of pocket expense on a major break down, the ESP covers more than the drive train, all electrical components I E charging and starter, fork seals are also covered:s
  4. glider

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    I got the extended with my 07 RK because the 96 and the 6 speed were new to Harley. No way am I going to be the test case for them.
  5. Redfish-Joe

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    I guess I am the poster boy for the extended warranty. It has cost me several hundred in deductibles but honestly thousands in repair cost. I just got a new bike and a 7 yr ESP. Yes I believe in them.
  6. oldhippie

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    It would be nice if they had a payment plan, but then they'd call it "buy 2 yrs at a time" and pay through the nose. By the way, I just purchased my 5 extra yrs (what they call 7) and got a deal at $1435 Cdn (the dealer I bought my Ultra from was $500 higher). Was misquoted over the phone but Gaslight H-D still honored it. Guess which dealer gets my business now!

    It covers a little more than just the motor and tranny:

    Cover Your Bike
    The best part of owning a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is having the freedom to ride wherever and whenever you choose. Don't spend time worrying about the unexpected. Ride worry-free knowing you're covered by the only H-D™ factory approved Extended Service Plan.

    The Harley-Davidson® Extended Service Plan protects you from costly repairs for up to an additional 7 years.

    Protection Includes:
    Coverage For Over 1,100 Parts
    All repairs will be performed by experts at an H-D dealership using H-D Genuine Motor Parts.*
    Expense Reimbursement Package
    If you have a covered breakdown while on the road, you'll receive $75/day (up to $750) for a rental vehicle, $150/day (up to $450) for meal and lodging, and up to $200 for towing to an H-D™ dealership.
    Nationwide Repair Location Assistance
    In the event of a covered breakdown, our H-D™ Service Center can direct you to the nearest H-D™ dealership for repairs.
    Locked-In Repair Costs
    A $50 deductible per claim is what you'll pay for a covered repair – no deductible for covered Expense Reimbursement benefits.
    Contract Transfer
    Should you ever decide to sell your motorcycle, you can transfer any remaining coverage to the next owner. This can easily increase resale value.
    Optional Tire & Wheel Coverage
    For an additional surcharge, this coverage will replace tires and wheels if damaged by a covered road hazard.
  7. caseyleiser

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    I,m thinking of trading my ultra next year when the warranty runs out. Great peace of mind. Have replaced starter, rear shock, fairing mounting brackets and cam chain tensioners free under warranty. Worth it in my opinion.:bigsmiley21::bigsmiley21: