Exhaust - True dual or 2 into 1

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Biffy08, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. Biffy08

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    2014 FLHX - completely stock

    I want to change my exhaust not for looks or sound, etc., but efficiency and longevity reasons. I wouldn't mind it being louder but I want to get about the same fuel economy (about 40 mpg) while reducing the factory "lean" condition. Better performance would be great, but not at all my main concern. I know I would have to have a tuner and retuning done. Do I have to purchase a new breather setup?

    Am I correct in saying that all stock bikes run too lean? It seems I have read that in countless posts.

    Thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. dolt

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    All the later models run leaner than they should to meet EPA regs. Your best bet would be to pay the Harley "tax" and do a Stage I upgrade which would include a hi-flow intake and exhaust. Replace the complete exhaust system including the head pipe to get rid of the catalytic converter, a good fuel management system like the SEPST, Powervision or TTS Mastertune. Probably be a good idea to talk to a local dyno tuner (not the one at the dealer) and see what they like to work with. Once the Stage I upgrade has been completed, get the motor tuned. I think you will be amazed at the difference in performance and much of the heat you are experiencing from the exhaust is coming from the catalytic converter so things should be cooler.

    As for 2:1 vs the 2:1:2 system, your call. There is a difference in sound and appearance between the two systems so the choice is very subjective and personal. If you go the 2:1:2 route; V&H Power Dual head pipe and your choicc of their slip on mufflers. the S&S Power Dual system or the Fuel Moto 2:1:2 X pipe and Jackpot mufflers are good choices.

    As for 2:1 systems, the D&D Fatcat or the Bassani Road Rage II or the Drago system are good options. Of course the ultimate result will depend on the tune.
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    Be sure to check out some touring bikes with 2-1 exhaust first. You may not like the looks of the bare left side........
  4. 03HD883R

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    I've got a stock 2-into-1 exhaust on my 883R, and I get a lot of compliments on it. But it's a Sportster... my 07 FLHTCU wouldn't look right without dual exhausts. Something about it makes it fit the bill, and it sounds cool even though it's stock. As dolt put it, it's quite subjective and personal.
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    If you are looking for more power, a 2 into 1 system like "Thunder Header" will give you more power. They sound great also. I have an Ultra and I am on the hunt for one for my bike. My buddy has a Road Glide with a Thunder Header and I really love his sound and power.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Read here first so you understand how exhaust works
    Baggers create their low end torque from the large mufflers
    Now, that said when you throw convertors into the mix, you open up a new can of worms
    IMO baggers were meant to run TRUE duals, anything less to me does not look correct
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    I just put the V&H Power Duals on mine and love them! Every Dyno sheet I've seen (Harley and independant shops) all showed more power from the X style collecter into duals. I went with the EJK unit for fuel management off Dobeck's site. I like that I can adjust the unit to the ambient temps. Just doing the V&H slip-on's, you get nice sound, going full header with no CAT is like night and day. Tons more sound, tons more power, tons less heat. I choce the V&H mufflers for the clean, crisp "glass pack" sound they produce. I'm not into that bolt droping, fuel dripping, sloppy engine falling apart sound some straight pipes make. But that's just me.
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    How do you define efficiency? The ThunderHeaders (2 into 1) on my Fat Bob added ten more horsepower (no dyno--they advertise it & can feel it!) and the screaming eagle air filter make my Harley a rocket at the flick of a wrist. I also got a Dobek 3.5 tuner, which improved the mileage made a cooler ride. I get about 33 mpg, all city riding. I called Dobeck a few times and they help me get the mgp to 38, but it had no pep. I set the tuner to the most pep.

    That said, the Thunder Headers are very loud. I got a ticket from the city police but beat it with the highway patrol and Spectro Transmission fluid. THs also discolor at the end (mostly the chrome starts "blueing"). I have the black, but it started getting a rusty edge quality. This may be due to the scavenger tip designed to burn all the fuel. I think THs might have longer lifespans because they are one long piece.

    I had a stock 2004 Sportster 1200. It was quiet and I got cut off on the road a lot more than I do now. My buddies flew by me and I was always last to the next bar or gas station. (Don't ride drunk!) It got 48 mpg. If I wanted the best motorcycle mileage, I wouldn't have a Harley.
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    Thanks Ynot. I am curious how you beat a noise ticket with the highway patrol using Spectro Transmission Fluid?
  10. Biffy08

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    100% agree that they look best with 2 pipes. And if that makes the motor cooler, that is what I am looking for.

    Thanks Jack!