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  1. rjp1953

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    I am a new Harley Davidson guy. I recently purchased a 2014 Ultra Limited and I would like a little advice on the exhaust. As like everyone on here nobody really keeps their stock exhaust. They all eventually change them out. Being a new owner I too will probably be doing the same thing which leads me to my question which way to go? I don't want crazy loud just a nice throaty rumble nor do I want to empty the rest of my bank account out for a complete change out if it isn't necessary. Can a new guy get a little help? Thanks
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum, check You Tube for exhaust sound bites. You may also check your local dealer they add on some exhaust to floor models, ask them to fire them up:D
  3. Bodeen

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    Exhaust sound and look is a personal thing. My advice would be to go to a local bike nite or two. Look, listen, and ask questions.
  4. gefhd

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    Watch out if you live in California, there is limited changes possible, if you want to remain legal.. Some shops will not even sell exhaust for bikes after '13 model year. Anything after the cat. converter should be legal, but not always,t Rush can not sell anything to a Ca. resident but they are working on it (Tucker Rocker is there Dist. here) Vance & Hines has a great Calfornia legal section on there web site, punch in your year and model and it will let the you know what is Ca. approved.
  5. r_k_dragon

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    If I was only changing the slip ons I'd go with V&H Monster Ovals with the black tips. I like the rumble and the bark with throttle.
  6. YnotBiker

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    Some exhaust systems add horsepower to your ride (like my Thunderheaders). I have seen loud pipes save lives, and a loud horn is better. I live in California and the CHP cleared my modified muffler ticket (from the city police) when I showed them my muffler was under 97 decibels required by law. (I used a free app on my iPhone).

    My first Harley was a 1200 Sportster and I rode it all stock for over 5 years. People would cut in front me all the time. On my loud Fat Bob, most cagers look twice while I sprint pass them.

    You could go to a Biker's Night at a nearby restaurant or bar, a Harley Owners Group or to a Biker Rally to see and hear what different pipes sound like. Youtube has some clips of what some folks posted of their pipes, and some of the makers also have recordings of their pipes on their websites.

    Show us a picture when you get them!

    Good Luck!

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  7. MTLHD

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    Rinehart. I have their true duals on my Ultra and they sound fantastic, good throaty rumble without being obnoxious.
  8. glenreeder

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    I have a 2014 FLHTK and I put true duals w/ street cannon slip-ons and 4" billet tapered end caps. They sound pretty good, not too loud but to tell the truth I like the sound of the Rineharts on my 09FLHX better. I went with the true duals to get rid of the cats.
  9. RUSHMORE_14

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    Ditto with the Reinharts. Have 4" slip ons on the root beer. Back pressure is good
  10. wazzle

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    Cobra slipons with the stock header pipe are a nice low cost option with a very deep sound. Change out the header pipe and open the air filter up for more sound and power but will require programming. Slipons only will not require any other mods. $400-500 for slipons vs $900-1000 for header pipe with new mufflers with more for air filter and programming.