Exhaust in Oregon?

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by 4gtwrk, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. 4gtwrk

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    I'm going to be relocating to the Portland area and wanted to get some input on my exhaust. I'm running Samson Big Guns with 10" baffles on my Wide Glide and it is fairly loud. How stricked are they on noise?
  2. just4u

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    Is oregon any different about exhaust Decibels than other states?
    I'm leaving at the end of July for a road trip from Northern CA to jackson ,WY threw yellowstone ,WY, then north to glacier national park ,MT, then to sandpoint Idaho, then west to spokane WA. then to briggs Oregon south to Crater Lake ,OR, then south to MT shatsa, and back home . I have vance & Hines big shot longs with the stock baffles, which is not much, but they are baffles that sound nice to me. I figgered if Ca does not give a problem about it ,no other state would. What Say you??
  3. Clint

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    I don't ride in the Portland area much but have never been been pulled over anywhere here in Oregon. My bike is a bit on the loud side, but I don't rap it out to draw attention to myself.
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    Lived in the Portland area years back and they weren't al that bad on loud pipes. But, in recent years I've heard they are bit more conservative than before. I use to run true duals with Hooker pipes and they were obnoxious if I got on it. I would just run normal and keep the throttle rock'n up in the hills etc... I know around here in Southern Oregon, it's not bad at all except in smaller towns like Ashland, Jacksonville, Phoenix etc... However, they're stop ya for going ove 2 miles an hour over the speed limit. Just my .02 worth.
    Ugly John
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    Thanks for the feedback........
  6. robz

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    I've lived in Portland-Vancouver Wa. my entire life & never have any problems as it relates to loud pipes. Screamin Eagles on my 92 Heritage are fairly loud.
  7. MBHD93

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    I have loud Screamin Eagles on my FXDL and never had a problem in Oregon. Nor Do I know anyone who was stopped just for exhaust noise. Oregon is a pretty liberal state, but of course, if you are looking to attract the wrong kind of attention, you will find it.

    You'll love the ride around Crater Lake. Done it several times myself. Also, in Summer only, as this pass is closed Fall thru Spring due to snow, I would reccomend you take the Old MacKenzie Pass. Stunning scenery.