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Discussion in 'Custom Models' started by mhuff, Jan 22, 2011.

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    I'm looking for a set of drag pipes or exhaust that will fit a 99 evo motor with a 4speed ratchet top kickstat. Hard tail frame if that matters.

    Anyone know what models will fit this type of set up?

    Will a Shov. exhaust fir an Evo.?
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    Welcome to the forum. Shovel head pipes will not fit an Evo motor, completely different flange system.
    For a start, go to the J&P link and search. The key words you need to look for in fitment are; rigid,evo, kickstart, oil bag and cornering clearance. I ignored caution about horseshoe oil bag, and got pipes that I had to modify. There are many other sites to search if J&P doesn't have what you need.
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