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    On my 89 FLHTP I finished stripping motor and pulling bottom end from frame. I noticed when I pulled the inner pri that one of the stator platic hold down screws were missing and there were a couple cracks on two of the smooth I think magnetic part part where I think the screw got jammed and caused the damge. The charging seemed fine in the summer but I think I better replace the stator. What is a respectable manufacture name for a stator? The stock stator shows as 32 amp in manual, I'm also wandering if I can go bigger amps?
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    If you go bigger (higher amperage), you will have to replace the whole system: stator, rotor, voltage regulator.

    There are plenty of good after market companies that make charging systems for our bikes. You might start with J&P Cycle and see what they have, and then surf the net for what you want to see if you can beat the price and S&H.

    I think if there is any damage to the magnets inside the rotor rim, replace it. If you are replacing the stator, replace the voltage regulator, too.

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    Get a parts manual and look at how the stator is bolted down. That hardware needs to be replaced with new and installed per a service manual. Some of the aftermarket are great and some are just junk. If I had the money I would buy only Harley parts. Check out Bandit.com and they have a parts break down for your year and a price list. Fossil
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    I personally would replace it with a harley one, the fit is always there, I would also replace the rotor while you're in there, if a magnet comes loose next summer you'll be down again and buying another stator. Also like Fosil said make sure you use new hardware and I would get the torque spec's and use them on the stator bolts for sure. M&M gives 20% discount on HD parts and are good to deal with http://mandmcycles.com/ here is their link.
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    Is the Ultima 32 amp kit a good product?
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    If you take trips of any distance from home, I would stick with HD on the charging system. The reason being is that the charging system does seem to be one of the more common problems areas. If your out on the road will you be able to get parts that will work with your aftermarket unit? I've been on a couple of trips now where someone had system give out. We located closest HD dealer, and we were back on the road within a few hours. This might not be the case with aftermarket. JMO.:)
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    Here's another Good source for your charging system that makes systems primarily for H-D... "Cycle electric" IMO Good company & Products. They have a Web site: Cycle Electric.com
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    I would not use an Ultima kit personally. I would use a HD brand or something like Cycle Electric or something like that. I also would not buy from J&P Cycle, they buy from companies like Drag Specialties and charge full retail, no discount. But hey, not my $$$ just my opinion.
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    Hows the accel stator , I found a ultima kit for 140 including stat ,rotor and reg and a accel stator alone for 80 bucks which made more scence.
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    I never have looked at the stator they make but the Company Accel does make quality products. I am not saying their products Perform better than others (of companies that make similar products), just saying the fit/finish/ingredient are good.

    One of the MOST important parts of building a quality stator is the grade rating of the enamel that was used on the magnet wire. That grade rating determines the maximum temperature the wire can be exposed to. There is a World of difference between those grade ratings and they all look almost the same. (almost)

    Funny thing is the grading system is an alphabet letter starting with "A" . And "A" is the worst. The deeper you go into the alphabet, the better.