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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by av8rjim84, May 27, 2011.

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    Hey guys. Just wondering if any of you sportster 1200 owners out there have had to have your engine overhauled/rebuilt yet. Also wondering around how many miles she had on her, and around how much it cost to do. I only have 30,000 on her, so hopefully a long way away, but have to plan for the future. Depending on the cost of a rebuild/replacement, it may or may not be time for a new dyna by then. I must say that I do love this little sportster though, and may ride through a couple engines depending on how much custom work I have into the bike by then. As always, I appreciate your wisdom and thoughts.

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    That price is a lot better than I was expecting. I can come up with that kind of dough. I was expecting something in the 4 to 5 range given the price of most HD accessories.

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    I always do my own and some friends. I will only do the top end at about 50/60ooo miles at the earliest..

    I just like to Freshen the top end, Going thru the pistons and rings with a re-bore and valve work as needed.
    Then I go crazy and get the Heads ported and flowed and on and On and on....

    There is a remanufacture program that HD offers... The motor goes out and the Totally rebuilt STOCK motor comes back all rebuilt and Looking new.... Work HAS to be apart and together at a HD dealer as they ship it back to the HD rebuild center and install it when it gets back. But the COST is a Winner for the amount of work done.

    I have not used their program but I'll bet it is good from the excellent comments other members here who have..

    Look at your HD dealer to see and ask prices... I think you can find cost and information on line from HD.

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    Thank you all very much guys. I appreciate all the responses and advice. Something that must be said about the sportster, is that it is a fun and addictive little bike. I want to prolong the fun for as long as possible. :D
    Will keep up the maintenance schedule, keep adding chrome, and start saving for the overhaul when I start seeing 6 digits on the odometer.
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    As T bones and Bubbie said they are pretty stout motors, you may need to do rocker box gaskets early on, other than that run it:s My experience with the leaky rocker boxes is I use metal base and head gaskets and never had a leak again:s