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    Have been in AZ for the winter putting miles on my 09 Ultra Classic (about 12,000 miles now on the bike). I noticed last week that at speed (65 MPH in top gear) under slight acceleration, the I can hear slight "pinging" like pebbles hitting the front fender. Frankly it sounds like detonation to me and perhaps only a timing issue. I thought it was bad gas but after a couple of tanks at different gas stations, it remains the same. It has been in the mid 80's here lately and it seems worse with the warmer temps....no stutter or slugishness, just pinging. The engine is stock except for a set of Crusher mufflers but the mufflers have been on for some time. I have about 3 weeks left on the warranty so I will take it to the dealer before expiry but was wondering if anyone out there has experienced the same symptoms.

    Thanx in advance.
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    Are you using 93 Octane fuel?

    Double check that nothing is loose on the front end.

    May be time to consider the TFI. Little more fuel.

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    My 09 stock EG would make that noise (spark knock) when riding through the mountains in Montana. Try dropping down a gear till around 70 mph, and a tfi would probably help if this is detonation. My Dobeck is in the mail.
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    HEY, Good for You Guys, stealing My type of THUNDER..

    These are the Right ON comments/answers i would of made..

    PLUS Your 09 and My 09 ARE Too Lean out of the HDBox/off the floor.. ESpecially Heat requires Best OCTANE fuel of which 91 is about the best in Az. AND a little MORE Fuel IS needed than HD gives (EPA) requirements.

    The GEAR (too high) and RPM (too low) when in it especially when Hot out.(Az.)...
    Your LEAN condition no that is TOO LEAN is the Main problem..If using 91 octane.

    I have Several friends in AZ. that use the TFI and Their bikes Don't act like yours BUT used to...

    Not enough fuel like in a Stock HD = ping. also Lean causes HEAT and it is Hot enough in Az. to NEED more fuel to keep bike from that Ping-rattle.

    The term from HD will be They All Do It... YES they Do and IT is A fixable Problem.. MINE DOESN'T any more.

    TFI is a piggy-back unit that Solves the too Lean condition showing up on OUR bikes..

    You can get a lot of information by typing in TFI i the top of you ppage..

    Also note TFI IS supported On Site in the "Product Support Area" on the main page, Dallas from Dobecks will answer ALL..

    You can ALSO get "a" Discount Just by being a Member Here on HDT.com

    Other Discounts are offered by Dobecks performance on their TFI or Gen3 , Either model does the need job.. Check with them to see IF you qualify.

    Hope this SOLVES your problem...

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    had the same issue with my 07 flht, the dealer said "they all do that" we're working on it it won't be a problem, I got a TFI, problem solved!
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    Thanx for all the help, I should have searched the site before posting the question as most of the info was already on hand....great site by the way. I'm trying some octaine boost this week and see if it helps, next stop a TFI. Again, thanx for all the help. Aspybay
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    Read whats in the octane boost before you buy it, too muck alcohol or techtron could be a bad thing JMO
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    As always some GREAT information here,,, you cant go wrong with the TFI, it will be the best modification you can make to your bike as it was for mine.
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    I noticed that you are going at 65 mph, but in top 6th gear which is a bit too low speed lugging the engine a bit. Might want to leave it in fifth gear and yes, do try different brand of gas...just going to a different brand may cure the problem for the present. Changing the exhaust or intake a/f will lean the mixture, but the existing setup should compensate for one or the other without any drama. JMO...:s