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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by bayxter, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. bayxter

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    I have a 94 Fatboy that I bought this past summer which I have about 80% disassembled for a complete cleaning and some modifications. The black on the engine heads is dull, peeling and looks like (edit). My goal was to sandblast and paint with 1200 degree paint without removing the engine from the bike. That is until I found out the painted parts have to be baked in a oven to cure. Wouldn't it be just as good to paint it, then run the engine after it is re-assembled to bake the paint on?

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  2. TQuentin1

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    Not too sure about that. The temps on the hotspots may be too high.

    As an alternative to powder coating (which I do not like), I had all the hot stuff (heads, jugs, valve covers, etc.) done with teflon at Poly Dyn. Check that out as an alternative:

    Performance coatings by Polydyn

  3. bayxter

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    Somebody recommended curing it with a heat gun. Thoughts?
  4. R. Lewis

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    still have the hot spots and you would be wasting your time and money The idea behind oven-baked paint is to get the entire part at correct temps. to activate the bonding chemicals in the paint.
  5. whatyardwork

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    If youre not happy with its current look and not willing to remove the engine I would recomend simply shooting it with an aerosol.If done correctly:

    Cleaned to remove all oils with a good wax/grease remover
    Sanded properly with a red scuff pad or better
    Masked properly to prevent paint from unwanted areas

    This will work for a few years
    Engine Enamel High Heat
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    I would have to agree with (whatyardwork) said, on my 95 that i baught this past spring, i just cleaned it up real good, and then made sure that i had everything taped up real good.....and i used a aerosol paint, but used the type that you would use for painting the bar-b-q grill. 600 degree paint is all ya need, anything higher will flake off.
  7. Rob Gray

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    I'm trying to clean up my engine fins on a black 95A. Is the red skuff pad you're referring to the thing to use to polish the fin edges?
  8. i used the bbq grill gloss black-- it was low budget and looks fantastic-- and im kinda a perfectionist on the appearance of my badboy........... so -- i highly recomend a 8 dolla aerosol paint can.........